15 Things You Can Do Before Bed (That Don’t Involve Your Cell Phone)

The light from your cell phone, laptop, tablet, and TV does more than illuminate your droopy eyed bed-time face. According to science, it disrupts your sleep. And here at Healthversed, we don’t mess around with science.

To paraphrase the study, pre-bedtime exposure to those evil, back-lit displays suppresses your brain’s ability to produce the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, making it harder for you to fall asleep. But wait, there’s more. Bedtime screen watching reduces your total REM sleep minutes by disrupting your body’s natural circadian rhythm and it increases your risk of developing a sleep disorder.

Trying to squeeze in another episode of Grey’s Anatomy may seem innocent enough, but it’s a dangerously unproductive habit. We aren’t here to chastise you, though. Here at Healthversed, we’re all about offering up some creative, productivity enhancing solutions! So, let’s take a look at a few screen-less pre-bed routines that’ll increase productivity and sleep quality. Let’s go!

Turn off the gadgets

The first step to a restful night’s sleep is turning off all of those pesky devices. Shutting down your phone, TV, or laptop for the evening comes with a satisfying feeling of finality. By unplugging for the remainder of the day, you’re rewarding yourself for a job well done with a clutter-free, stress-free, electricity-free calmness.

The pros recommend shutting down your devices roughly 45 minutes before beginning to shut down your brain for the night. If that’s too long, don’t worry. You’re allowed to build up to it. Start with 20 minutes and build from there.

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So, you’ve shut off your devices. Congratulations! Now what? You know, before (wo)mankind relished in the calming glow of Netflix, they read books for entertainment. Go down to the local library, borrow something with an eye-catching cover (for free!) and start flipping pages.

Reading before bed will help calm you down and prepare for sleep in a gentle, relaxing way. More than that, reading on a regular basis has been shown to stave off Alzheimer’s, increase cognitive function, and even increase empathy. Talk about efficiency!

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Meal prep

This fantastic evening routine will save you money, encourage healthy eating habits, and enhance the quality of your sleep. Tonight, instead of reaching for the phone, reach for the cutting board. Peel some carrots for a healthy snack, chop some cucumbers for a salad, or wash some produce to fuel the pending adventures of tomorrow. Be proactive and set future-you up with a few healthy snacks. Not only will you go to bed ready for sleep, but you’ll wake up the next morning prepared for the challenge ahead.

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