Why You Can’t Get Out of Bed and How to Fix It

The sound of your alarm clock is never pleasant. It cuts through your bedroom’s quiet stillness like a saw; Its groan-inducing effects made worse by another night of tossing and turning. Waking up poorly can even make a well-deserved weekend feel like a pair of Mondays.

Not getting enough sleep sucks. It makes the simplest obstacle seem insurmountable and what’s worse, it can feel unfixable. But don’t get discouraged! A restful night’s sleep, and in turn, a productive day is just a few proactive decisions away.

Today on Healthversed, we break down seven reasons that people reach for their snooze button and how to fix them. Let’s go!

Bad Habit – Tech in Bed

If the last thing you see before your go to sleep is a glowing screen, then you may be setting yourself up for failure. E-readers, tablets, cell phones and television screens have been shown to disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Even more, your nasty habit of pre-bed screen time disrupts your brain’s ability to regulate melatonin and, in turn sleep.

And that’s merely your body’s physical reaction to electronic devices. Add to that the not-so-relaxing emotional stress borne from excessive nighttime social media usage. If you find yourself struggling with sleep quality, it may be your phone’s fault.

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How to Fix It – Power Off

If you’re looking to overhaul your evening routine, try pulling the plug. The pros recommend turning off all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before settling down for bed.

I know you’re probably wondering how you’re expected to fill 30 minutes of device-free down time. Personally, I use the time to prepare my lunch for the following day, wash my face, brush my teeth and, if I’m up for it, read a book. Old fashioned, I know, but not only is reading before bed infinitely better than a quick status update, it may even help you sleep better.

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