10 Life-Changing Things You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

When you’re cooped up at work, it can seem like ages go by until the clock strikes 5pm. Don’t just spend your day wishing you could do something fun after work is over! There are tons of things that you can do on your lunch break that will shake up your ordinary routine, and inject some positivity into your work day.

Over time, these little actions can morph into life-changing habits if you get into a routine of doing them often. After all, it only takes 30 days to build a new habit. Imagine what you could do if you chose to use each lunch break in a positive way every single day for a month- the possibilities are truly endless!

Investigate the arts scene in your city

There are plenty of arts organizations who host lunchtime events, like concerts, or offer cheaper admission during the daytime. These events often feature newcomers to the business as a way of showcasing their talents while leaving the coveted evening slots to the bigger-name performers.

In a few years, these artists will be the ones bringing in huge audiences every night, so take advantage of every chance to see and hear talented newcomers in a more intimate setting before they hit the big time.

Next time you have a free lunch hour, check the listings at the local symphony hall, or opera house, to see if they have any daytime concerts running. Sometimes these events are even free.

Fortune-stock / Shutterstock.com
Fortune-stock / Shutterstock.com

Work out

Even if you only get 30 minutes for lunch, that’s enough time to take a brisk jog around the block, or lift some light weights. If you make a habit of working out a few times a week for a short period of time, your body will start to crave the energy high that you get immediately post-workout, and you may find yourself at the gym more and more often.

If you don’t get a long lunch hour, make it a point to push yourself as hard as you can for the time you do have to take full advantage of every minute!

Alliance / Shutterstock.com
Alliance / Shutterstock.com

Take a walk in the park

A study released recently has shown that frequent exposure to nature improves mental health. With more than 80% of the world living in urbanized areas, the lack of green spaces in cities has become more and more of an issue in recent years.

Simply soaking up the sun’s rays is a nice easy way to expose yourself to Vitamin D, which can help reduce the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Even if it’s cold out, taking your lunch outside to the local park, or taking a stroll in a green area will almost always improve your mood.

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PeterVrabel / Shutterstock.com
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