Need a Quick Workout? Try Using Resistance Bands

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By Jordana Weiss

Over winter, the best thing you can do to keep your fitness regime intact is to learn how to work out at home. If you’re eager to amp up your home fitness routine, you can explore the benefits of resistance bands with an online search right now.

As the weather gets colder, so many of our good impulses from the warm summer months start to go down the drain. It’s much more tempting to stay inside on the couch than it is to go for a run or head to the gym. A set of resistance bands can help!

What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are made of heavy-duty rubber and can take a variety of different forms. Some are flat like a huge rubber band, while others look more similar to a jump-rope with a padded, circular handle. Resistance bands allow us to use our body weight more effectively, which intensifies any workout without having to use other tools like weights or exercise machines.

Resistance bands can be purchased online or from any store that carries exercise equipment. You can find single resistance bands for under $10 or a set for less than $30. They’re available in a variety of resistances ranging from light to heavy. Also, you can vary them depending on what part of the body you’re working out and how hard you’d like to push your muscles.

Benefits of Working Out with Resistance Bands

There are so many benefits to working out with resistance bands. They:

Quick Resistance Band Workouts

It’s easy to get lost wondering what kinds of activities can be done with resistance bands because there are so many different options. Here are some simple workouts that will help you incorporate resistance bands into your daily exercise routine. Butt Workout

This awesome workout from may look simple. However, it will give you a toned butt in no time.

Designed by personal trainer Lena Marti, this workout uses a small circular resistance band around different parts of the legs to work out several different muscle groups, all of which contribute to a more toned lower half. Using the resistance band, simple activities like ankle jumping jacks, lateral band walks, and hip bridges strengthen and tone all leg and glute muscles. Each exercise is repeated 20 times. After repeating it 20 times, the entire circuit is repeated once more.

If you’re following the workout, make sure to hold at the top of each repetition. Doing so ensures that you’re pushing your muscles to their limit.

Full-Body Resistance Band Exercises

This workout uses a jump rope-style resistance band, which is probably the most useful type of band that you can buy. The handles give you something to grip when you’re doing rows or pulls. Plus, you can double the band over itself if you want to create more tension.

This exercise routine is made up of 10 simple exercises. All these exercises can be done at home, in a hotel room, or anywhere you get the urge. A simple sequence of squats, lunges, and push-ups are all intensified by using the resistance band. The band will help push your muscles to work harder than usual.

Each exercise is done for 30 seconds, then the entire sequence is repeated four times. Ideally, it should only take about 20 minutes.

Lean Muscle Building Workout

If you’re looking to build muscle while still creating a streamlined physique, this resistance band workout will help.

This 15-minute workout was created by master trainer Ben Fildes. Fildes takes simple exercises like the bicep curl, fly, and squats, then amps them up using resistance bands. Each activity is repeated a specific number of times and uses the resistance band to encourage the development of strong, lean muscles.

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, feel free to repeat this workout two or even three times.

Ultimate 15-Minute Resistance Band Workout

Created by Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Rhonda Hunt, this resistance band workout can be done anywhere. Although the workout itself is pretty intense, you can amplify the intensity by adding small pulses at the end of each rep. These pulses work the muscle fibers to the point of fatigue every time.

If you’re the type of person who likes short, intense workouts, this is a perfect option for you. Hunt’s routine starts with squat kicks, then moves on to hydrants, squat hops, and single-leg glute bridges. Unlike many other resistance band workouts, Hunt instructs you to keep the band in the same place for almost every activity. This helps to create a more seamless workout experience.

10-Minute Band Workout

Even if you only have 10 minutes, you can still blast your core and tone your muscles using this quick resistance band workout. This workout strings together several great full-body exercises like push-ups, Romanian deadlifts, and pull-aparts, then adds the resistance band to ensure that you feel every rep.

This workout is perfect for even the most beginner resistance band devotee. Plus, it can be repeated as many times as you can manage within ten minutes.

Road Warrior Workout

This workout is touted by trainer and ex-professional triathlete Mark Sisson as the ultimate no-excuses routine.

It uses a handled resistance band and the floor. It will help sculpt lean muscles with resisted squats, push-ups, and deltoid raises. Although you can repeat it as many times as you can handle, at least four times is recommended for maximum muscle burn.

Jordana Weiss