12 Ways to Power Through a Workout When You’re Not in the Mood

There are many reasons you might not be in the mood to work out. Sometimes, it might just be a hassle to motivate yourself to get out of bed to go on an early morning jog before you start work or your parenting duties. Other times, you may legitimately be feeling ill and your body seems too weak to move.

20 Reasons Lifting Weights Is Better for Your Health Than You Think

If you think cardio is where it’s at when it comes to ensuring a healthy lifestyle, you’ve completely disregarded how good lifting weights can be for you. Either that, or you don’t have enough information!

The Surprising Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Dirima / Shutterstock[content-ad-1]We all know the many benefits that a good workout can provide, but does it matter when you Read More

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If you’re a busy person it can be hard to fit time in to take care of and improve yourself physically. But if you’re thinking that the time to work out needs to be at the gym with some weights, think again!

7 Surprising Ways Exercise Changes Your Brain

There’s no doubt that exercise, along with good nutrition, is a great way to improve and maintain your physical shape. But working out is not only a benefit for physical fitness – it also provides surprising effects for your mental state.

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Yoga has been around for ages, but lately it’s been getting even more popular. There are some pretty good reasons for that, as it’s an exercise that all ages can take part in and it offers not just physical benefits, but also mental benefits.

Not to worry if you're new to Tabata. It's actually a very simple concept to learn and can truly revolutionize how you train.

This Is the Ultimate Science-Backed 20 Minute Workout

With today’s busy lifestyle, it can often be hard to fit in that ideal two hour workout a few times a week, which is exactly why people are turning to the solution of Tabata.