The Surprising Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

3 minute read

By Emily Reid

We all know the many benefits that a good workout can provide, but does it matter when you choose to get fit? While working out at any time is a good idea, the morning offers benefits. Start a search today to find morning workouts.

At the end of the day, you might be too busy or tired to exercise. On the other hand, you’ll be refreshed and ready for the day in the morning. If you need extra motivation to set an alarm and wake up for an early workout, here you go!

Get It Over With

One of the greatest benefits of a morning workout is that by the time you hit your desk, it’s already done. You don’t have to go through the whole day thinking about how much you hate the commute to the gym or wondering if the weather will hold up for your evening run. Once you’re up and at it, and when you’re done and showered, it can be out of sight and out of mind. By the time most people are having breakfast you’ll be done the tough part and can enjoy the rest of the day.

Boost Your Mood

Working out releases endorphins and if you rise and shine you’ll be in a better mood for the long day ahead. Knowing that you’ve already checked off an item on your to-do list will make you feel great, and starting the day with a healthy dose of activity will wake you up in ways that your favorite latte can’t compete with. You can get to work knowing that you’ve done something good for your body and start your day with a positive jolt of energy. Working out bright and early will also wake up your mind, help you stay sharper at work, and allow you to harness the energy and endorphins all day. Starting your day off on the right foot will provide long lasting benefits that you can use to be more productive and feel better all day.

Jump-Start Your Metabolism

You can give your metabolism a kick-start when you work out earlier in the day and that will help you keep it up for hours afterwards. You’ll burn more calories throughout the day since your metabolism is elevated after a workout so the benefits will last much longer than the hour you spend in the gym. You’ll also be on the track for a healthy day, and morning workouts can make your eating habits more regular. Instead of skipping breakfast or relying on coffee, you’ll need a healthy and balanced meal to fuel your gym session.

Your Evenings Will Be Free

Instead of debating whether or not to skip happy hour, go to the gym, or catch that movie with your significant other you’ll be able to do as you please with no conflict. Working out in the morning means your evening time will be open to any activities or events that come up. You won’t have to reschedule a dinner to make it to the gym before it closes or feel guilty for skipping spin class. You can use your evenings as downtime to relax and unwind from the day instead of having to trek to the gym and squeeze in a workout after dinner.

You’ll Be More Focused

Waking up will be the hardest part but once you’re at the gym you will be able to get through your workout with focus and determination. The early hours are when you have the most attention and focus so you’ll be committed to your gym time and able to work harder than you might after a long day at the office. You’ll likely push yourself more in the morning and skip the gym less frequently than an evening commitment, so set that alarm clock and get a head start on the day.

Emily Reid