Here’s How to Get Kids Excited About Healthy Eating

3 minute read

By HealthVersed

Worried that your child isn’t getting enough nutrition in their diet? Using snacks to pack a punch of nutrition, fun, and no fuss can be manageable, even with a tight schedule. Start a search today to get your kids excited about healthy eating.

On the weekends, you can plan ahead for the week. Make a game out of it and provide a chart with nutritious options on it and have your child circle or stamp the options they’re interested in. This is one way to switch up a tired snack routine.

Make fun plates of snacks to share such as:

Encourage healthy eating options

To further encourage healthy eating options, plant or make your own fruit and vegetable garden as space, time and weather permits. This will engage children in the process of growing their food and reaping the benefits of their investment in the garden. Carve out places for them to plant their own choices of fruit or vegetable. Place their name decorated on a plaque and stake to mark their territory. They will feel good that it is their own and take pride in ownership and cultivation.

To teach your kids an appreciation for the value of whole foods, visit farms and show them where natural food comes from. Inform children of how these options will benefit their body (based on their age). Talk about the vitamins and nutrients each snack has. Children will soak this information up and be more likely to choose and eat healthy options.