This Is What Is Stopping You From Feeling Full

There are a few factors that contribute to a feeling of fullness after a meal. After all, you don’t just eat with your mouth — eating should be an sensory experience that uses not only your mouth but also your eyes, ears, and nose. A good dish can bring back memories, and bring an almost indescribable joy to those who share in it.

Top 20 Causes of Death in America

As soon as they reach the age of majority, everyone should take their health into their own hands. Whether that means switching from gummy vitamins to a real adult daily multivitamin, or just preparing thoroughly for your annual checkup, it’s important to feel like you’re in control of your health.

Does Red Meat Really Cause Cancer?

For a long time, people have stayed away from red meat because they’ve heard it may cause cancer. Scientists have found indirect links, and it takes a little bit of work to figure out how red meat truly affects your risk for cancer.

9 Things Confident People Do Differently

Being around people that are truly confident can be an uplifting and inspiring experience. Confident people don’t necessarily need to be leaders, but from observing them, we can learn some lessons to apply in our lives.

No Poo: The Weird Beauty Trend That’s Not What You Think

Yuganov Konstantin /[content-ad-1] When people first hear that the newest beauty trend has been nicknamed “no poo”, most people Read More

10 Worst Medical Blunders of All Time

For most of us, checking in to a hospital means surrendering to the professional efficiency of legions of white-coated doctors and nurses. We calm our nervous fears by assuring ourselves that the doctors have had years of training, and know exactly what they’re doing.

9 Inspiring People Who Made Big Changes Late in Life

There are some people who realize what they want to do early on in life, and stick with it until the bitter end. Then there are others who are more realistic – those who accept that life throws you curveballs, and the best way to handle them is to adapt.