Small Healthy Changes You Can Make for Under $30

3 minute read

By Jordana Weiss

These days, it seems like there’s always a new fad diet or exercise regime. Juicing, CrossFit, and hot yoga … all trends that may be good for you but not your wallet. Fortunately, you can find affordable healthy living ideas with a search online.

Here are a few tips for small healthy changes that you can make on a daily basis that won’t break the bank. Most of them will actually save you money in the long run! With this in mind, let’s explore a few ideas.

Drink more water

This is probably the best thing you can do for your body, and it’s free! Dehydration affects your mood, and the easiest thing that you can do to keep being your happy and healthy self is to gulp down enough water per day to keep your body going. How much is enough? Scientists say that the ideal amount is half your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking about 75 (about 9 cups) ounces of water a day. There are a million health benefits to doing this, including clearer skin, better digestion, and more relaxed joints. Start the day off right by drinking at least one tall glass of water, and you’ll feel better before you’ve even eaten breakfast.

Bring healthy snacks to work or school every day

In every school or workplace, temptation lurks in the form of cafeteria food, takeout lunches, or a slice of a co-worker’s birthday cake. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, it’s so easy to snack without thinking about what you’re eating, or how much of it you’ve consumed already. Avoid temptation by bringing healthy snacks from home like cut up veggies and hummus, mixed nuts, or granola. That way, if you get hit by the mid-morning munchies, you can make sure that your snack is both healthy, inexpensive, and filling.

Make your coffee at home

Buying coffee on the go is expensive in the long run, and can also lead to other temptations like picking up a doughnut or cookie to eat alongside. Stop this trend in its tracks by making coffee at home. That way, you can control exactly what goes into it, how much you drink, and any healthy alternatives that your local coffee shop may not stock, like almond or soy milk.

Track your fitness with an app

Some great fitness tracking apps exist for both iPhone and Android and are either free or only cost a few dollars. Cyclemeter, for both bikers and runners, is only $4.99 and charts your progress, as well as different workout plans. FitStar is a collection of equipment-free workouts that you can access anywhere, at no cost. Test out some of these cool apps to inspire you and help you celebrate every little bit of your progress!

Eat breakfast

Don’t leave the house without it! When your mother said it was the most important meal of the day, she wasn’t kidding. Scientists have found that people who skip breakfast are usually unable to make up the nutritional requirements that they need later in the day.  Eating breakfast can also help you avoid bingeing on unhealthy food at lunch and dinner.

Floss your teeth

Flossing your teeth every day doesn’t only make your smile brighter. It also helps get rid of plaque, which can build up and attract bacteria. Make your trips to the dentist easier by flossing thoroughly once a day. You don’t need to do it after every meal, but make sure that you take a few minutes in the evening to go over every tooth.

Prep your healthy meals in advance

Having a few hours set aside every week to prep healthy meals for the coming week can really set you up for success. If you find yourself inundated at work or school, it becomes a natural choice to pick up a slice or pizza or burger combo. Set aside some time at the beginning of the week to prep your meals and grabbing a healthy dinner will never be an effort again!

Avoid processed ingredients

Sticking with unrefined and unprocessed ingredients can help you make better choices when it comes to food. This doesn’t have to mean giving up what you love! Instead of white rice, choose brown, or wild. If your drink of choice is juice, splurge on a jug of 100% natural juice, and dilute it with some water to help stretch it as long as possible.

Jordana Weiss