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15 Signs You’re Smarter Than You Think You Are

Most people grow up being trained to learn, and grow with time. Any good school should instill a love of learning in a child, and should help them develop tools to continue their learning long after they leave formal education. However, many kids grow up not believing they’re truly intelligent, and some of these troubled kids grow into adults with ‘impostor syndrome’.

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17 Worst Pieces of Celebrity Health “Advice”

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably stumbled across the feed of some D-list celebrity trying to use endorsements to pay their bills, who clumsily incorporate ridiculous products like herbal supplements and waist trainers into their heavily Photoshopped photos.

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16 Signs You Have a Nutrient Deficiency

Trying to eat a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly are the two best ways to ensure that your body is functionally optimally, inside and out. Unfortunately, most Americans during some point in their life will find themselves deficient in certain nutrients, which their diet just doesn’t provide.

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20 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You

Nowadays, about half of Americans seek treatment from a therapist to help them with a variety of issues in their lives. Anyone who tells you that you don’t need a therapist, or that you should just work it out on your own, is wrong. Maybe you’ve had a traumatic break up, or are struggling with mental health issues — a therapist can help with both of those things.

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15 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick

There’s nothing that will ruin a beautiful crisp, cool day faster than the tickle at the back of your throat that heralds the oncoming of a common cold. A cold can knock you on your back and make you feel like you’re a relentlessly dripping nasal faucet.

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15 Ways to Kick Sugar Cravings to the Curb

Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t crave sweets every now and again. The average person consumes about 53 pounds of sugar per year, and if that seems excessive, imagine how high that number is if you actually have a sweet tooth!

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15 Signs You’re Being Used

There are plenty of ways to spot a manipulator and stop them in their tracks. Sometimes it takes completely pulling yourself out of the situation to see it clearly, but other times, they leave insidious little clues that you can spot with just a little sleuthing.

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15 Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Life

Many people live their life with their phone by their side, which makes complete sense – after all, it can add, translate, research, and even find a date for you. It truly seems like there’s nothing your smartphone can’t do.

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16 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

There are times in life when you have to take a dead-end job in order to pay the bills, or you find yourself stuck in a job because of personal ties or other loyalties there. There are uncountable reasons why people take jobs that they don’t enjoy, but staying there for long periods of time can be soul-crushing.

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15 Weird Things We Used to Believe About the Brain

As scientific research has progressed, a surprising amount of mistaken information about the brain has stayed in our collective consciousness. For example, have you ever heard someone suggest that they don’t excel at math because they are ‘left-brained’?

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How to Prevent Zika Virus

While it’s tempting to worry about Zika virus making its way to the United States, it’s important to realize that there have been relatively few cases in the continental USA, and of that small number, an even fewer number have resulted in any significant symptoms.

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The Truth About Manufacturer Sell-By Dates

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding sell-by dates. For a start, not many people actually know what a sell-by date is. The sell-by date is the date marked on a perishable product which indicates the recommended date by which it should be sold.

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15 Steps to Becoming a Morning Exerciser

Exercising every morning is a New Years Resolution the majority of people have on their list year after year. And yet, come February 1st, most people find that this is the one goal that goes unrealized, for many different reasons.


How Long Do Illegal Drugs Stay in Your System?

There are many drugs, both legal and illegal, that people indulge in on a regular basis. Some of them are designed to bring users up — these drugs stimulate the reward center of the brain, but they can also be very addicting. Downers do the opposite — they relax and slow the bodily processes so that the person taking them feels less anxious.

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This Is What Is Stopping You From Feeling Full

There are a few factors that contribute to a feeling of fullness after a meal. After all, you don’t just eat with your mouth — eating should be an sensory experience that uses not only your mouth but also your eyes, ears, and nose. A good dish can bring back memories, and bring an almost indescribable joy to those who share in it.