Everything You Need to Know About Food Sensitivity Tests

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By Andrew Silver

If you think you might be suffering from a food sensitivity, testing and finding it out is the best favor you can do to your health. Start a search today to find the best at-home food sensitivity test kits.

Food allergies can be a nightmare for adults and children. These adverse reactions often result from eating foods that trigger a minor allergic reaction. Fortunately, there are a range of at-home testing options available.

Symptoms of Having a Food Allergy

The symptoms of food allergy typically develop within seconds or minutes after eating the food. They may include:

Warning Signs of Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis refers to food allergy symptoms that are abrupt and severe. Since anaphylactic reactions can be life-threatening, they must be treated aggressively as a medical emergency. In addition to having the same symptoms as food allergies, the symptoms of anaphylaxis are:

What Is a Food Sensitivity Test?

Food sensitivity tests are tests that check how your body responds to specific foods. They work by identifying whether your immune system reacts to a particular food and triggers an inflammatory response by producing antibodies. If you’re allergic to a food, your body will identify it as an allergen and start making the antibodies. The following reaction has the typical symptoms of food allergy.

Best At-Home Food Sensitivity Tests

At-home food sensitivity test kits provide an easy way of checking your food allergy from the comfort of your home. Most of these test kits are efficient and provide reliable results. However, not all of these are suitable for checking sensitivity against every type of food. Moreover, the prices of these test kits may vary widely. This is why it’s important to do your research to find the best food sensitivity test kit. Here’s a look at some top contenders to consider:


Sample Type: Finger prick blood sample

Results: Less than five days

Everlywell is one of the most sought-after at-home food sensitivity test kits. The test reveals food sensitivities against 96 common foods, which you can remove from your diet.

Once you receive this test kit, you need to follow the instructions about sample collection. Follow the directions and provide a blood sample by finger pricking. After collecting the sample, return it for testing. You can choose whether you want to receive the results digitally or as a printed hard copy.

The test kit includes:

Request A Test

Sample Type: Finger prick blood sample

Results: Five to eight business days

Request A Test has been a renowned name in lab testing for the past 19 years. The at-home test kits by Request A Test check specific antibodies in your blood samples for food allergy. The kits are also among the most affordable at-home food sensitivity test kits out there.

Request A Test Food Sensitivity Test Kit checks food allergies against:

CRI Genetics

Sample Type: Cheek swab

Results: Six to eight weeks

The food sensitivity test kits by CRI Genetics have won several awards for providing the most accurate results on food allergies. Developed by scientists, the test kit identifies allergies and provides a detailed report for overall health and weight loss. It uses your DNA to figure out food and drink allergies. All you need to do is rub your cheek with the swab provided in the test kit, seal it in a bag, and send it back for testing.

The test kit comes with:

Food Marble

Sample Type: Breath test

Results: Instantly

Food Marble’s digestive tracker is a unique food sensitivity test kit that analyzes your breath. The breath test device works by tracking hydrogen levels in your breath after you’ve eaten the food. It then sends you the results via its own app. Unlike other test kits, the Food Marble test kit requires you to log your food intake and keep track of foods in the long run.

5Strands Food Intolerance Test

Sample Type: Hair strand

Results: Seven to 10 days

5Strands by Walmart provides the most affordable food intolerance test kit. It checks for food sensitivities with a hair strand sample. 5Strands works on bio-resonance technology to unfold food sensitivities. The kit can screen for up to 600 food sensitivities.

Start Your Search Today

Food sensitivities can be a pain and a prime cause of consistent discomfort. If you think you are sensitive to certain foods, at-home food sensitivity test kits can help in identifying the root cause of your problem. Start a search today to find the best at-home food sensitivity test kit.

Andrew Silver