The Funniest Failed Kitchen Gadgets

One of the greatest joys of air travel used to be getting the SkyMall catalog and skimming through the pages to see the editors’ thoughts on the modern home gadgets. SkyMall quickly became legendary for their gadgets that managed to be both useless and at excessive the same time. However, they’re not alone in trying to market inventive gadgets to Americans that are so specialized, finicky, and unhelpful that they border on ridiculous.

Kitchenware manufacturers have been doing their best to make cooking easier for decades, which has led to a glut of single-use gadgets that range from mildly useful to a complete waste of space. Here are some of the funniest failed kitchen gadgets of all time.

Microwave Bank

Although it seems like an April Fool’s joke, the Microwave Bank was actually a real thing — in 1988, it astounded consumers, who were in awe of a microwave that could cook food all while accessing the Internet. Manufacturer NCR announced their magnificent machine at the European Technology Roundtable Exhibition, and promised that the Microwave Bank would soon have an iris and fingerprint scanner for added security. Needless to say, this product never made it to market.

lchumpitaz / Getty Images

Pickle Fork

Sometimes you’re at a fancy dinner party and are astounded by the number of forks required for a single meal — however, we’re not here to knock specialized forks. Things like dessert forks and fish forks are best used in combination for a single meal, so you don’t have to use a dirty fork to eat your next course. However, single-use utensils like the pickle fork or pickle pincher (we’re not giggling, you’re giggling!) are completely superfluous for a normal kitchen. If you’re afraid to use a regular fork—or Heaven forbid, your fingers—to get a pickle out of the jar, you probably don’t really want to eat that pickle.

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