12 Reasons We Should All Cut Back on Sugar

You can plug your ears and bury your head in the sand, but eventually, the truth about sugar will catch up to you. Though sugar is everywhere and in everything, here at Healthversed, we’re hoping that the truth about sugar shall set you and your diet free.

The truth? It makes you fat, weakens your immune system, wreaks havoc on your emotional stability, can cause cancer, and much, much more. The thing is we’re so used to consuming it on the daily that we often neglect the facts. Sugar is toxic. There are no two ways about it. Don`t believe us? Then it’s time to get clicking!

It deforms the collagen in your skin

Your sugar-rich diet is rendering your expensive lotions, creams, and age-defying powders all but useless. That’s right. Sugar does more than make you doughy around the middle. It ages you too.

The sugar that you digest attaches and permanently deforms the collagen in your skin. It’s called glycation, magnifying the effects of aging, and worsening common skin conditions, like rosacea and acne.

So, next time you timidly approach your workplace vending machine with a crumpled five note, ask yourself if that chocolate-covered-nugget-thing is worth a lifetime of bad skin.

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It alters dopamine’s effectiveness

Dopamine is an organic chemical that transmits signals from one area of the brain to another. It has a ton of jobs, but most importantly, it plays a critical role in all of our reward-motivated behavior patterns. It’s responsible for our feelings of pleasure.

Eating sugar floods our brain with a massive amount of dopamine. The result? A blunting of dopamine’s effects, an addiction to sugar, and an opiate-like tolerance that builds and builds. The more sugar that you consume, the more you’ll need the next time.

Nobody ever said that kicking sugar was easy, but you can do it with a little help.

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It causes weight gain

Calorie counting apps are incredibly useful and watching your calorie consumption is a fantastic routine to build on. But it’s important to remember that not all calories are created equally. Case in point: sugar.

It can lead to insulin resistance, it interferes with the satiety hormone leptin, and as previously mentioned, it’s incredibly addictive. The medical community has been blaming sugar for the obesity epidemic for decades, and it’s not getting any better. If you don’t want to be another statistic, then it’s high time to cross sugar-rich foodstuffs off of your grocery list for good.

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