17 Quack Cures Still Used Today

Modern medicine has come a long way since the days of bloodletting and leeching and continues to make incredible advancements every day. Despite the incredible array of effective treatments available to us, “quack cures” that aren’t supported by the scientific method are still commonly used. Although some may have a placebo effect, experts say these folk treatments do more harm than good, as they can prevent people from seeking effective treatment to combat their very real illnesses.

Here are 17 quack cures, therapies and practices to watch out for:


The sun gives us light and warmth and makes life on earth possible, so it’s no wonder the ancients believed it also had healing properties. Turns out that despite knowing what we know now — namely that the sun is a sizzling scare ball that shouldn’t be looked at or basked in for too long — the ancient art of sun-gazing is experiencing a modern revival.

That’s right; people stare into the sun and claim that it gives them enough nutrients so that they no longer have to ingest food. Maybe it’s easier to diet when you can’t see the fridge?

dotshock / Shutterstock.com
dotshock / Shutterstock.com
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