Maximizing Savings: An Online Buying Guide for Prescription Sunglasses

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By Editorial Staff

Today the convenience and cost-effectiveness of online shopping extends to prescription sunglasses. With an array of options available, finding the perfect pair is easier than ever. Start a search today to find cheap prescription sunglasses online.

Online platforms offer detailed guides and virtual try-on features, making it simple to choose the right frame and lens. By comparing various retailers and offers, consumers can uncover exclusive deals and discounts not available in stores.

Reasons You Should Get Prescription Sunglasses

The biggest reason is clear vision under the bright sun. Sure, there are other options like clip-on tinted lenses for your regular glasses, but prescription sunglasses offer a much better and stylish solution.

Even for everyday activities like driving, it’s so much easier to have one pair of sunglasses that does it all. Prescription sunglasses aren’t just about seeing better; they’re about convenience, safety, and style. So, if you’re active or just want a hassle-free sunny day experience, prescription sunglasses are the way to go.

First Step: Get an Eye Exam

Before diving into the world of online shopping for prescription sunglasses, it’s important to start with an updated eye exam. If you don’t have vision insurance, don’t worry! You can still find affordable options. Many large retailers like Walmart, Costco, and America’s Best offer eye exams for around $50. These places are great for getting a comprehensive check-up without breaking the bank.

If you’re just looking to renew your prescription and not concerned about a full eye health check, some online retailers provide virtual vision tests at an even lower cost. But remember, these online tests aren’t a substitute for a thorough eye exam. For those with vision insurance, make sure to explore in-network options, including optometrists’ offices and big-box stores.

How to Find the Right Pair

When selecting frames consider factors like face shape, frame material, and comfort. First, decide on the frame size. This is important because you want your sunglasses to fit just right and be comfy. Every frame has three measurements: eye, bridge, and temple.

Next, choose a lens type. Do you need lenses for seeing far away, or do you prefer progressive lenses? After that, it’s time to pick the lens material and color. There are options from basic UV protection to polarized and anti-reflective coatings. Lens colors are all about your style and when and where you’ll wear your sunglasses because each color works best in different lighting conditions.

Navigating Online Retailers for the Best Deals

The internet is teeming with retailers offering prescription sunglasses. Compare prices and styles across various websites. Look for customer reviews to gauge satisfaction with product quality and customer service. Don’t overlook lesser-known retailers, as they often offer competitive pricing and unique styles.

One major advantage of online shopping is the availability of discounts and promotions. Sign up for newsletters to stay informed about sales, including first-time buyer discounts, seasonal sales, and special promotions can lead to significant savings. Be mindful of the expiration dates on these offers to make the most of them.

How to Claim Sunglasses with Health Insurance

If you have vision insurance, check if it covers online purchases of prescription sunglasses. Every insurer is different, so it’s important to know your specific benefits. Many vision plans cover them and some retailers may offer direct billing to insurance providers.

In order to have prescription sunglasses covered by insurance, you’ll need a prescription from an eye doctor. If you haven’t gotten prescription glasses before, call any store or go online to book an eye exam with an optometrists. Most lens stores offer this service. If you already have a prescription, you’re all set to start shopping online.

Top 3 Online Retailers to Check Out

When it comes to buying prescription sunglasses online, there are some fantastic stores you should definitely visit. First, there’s

1. Zenni Optical

At Zenni Optical you can snag a pair of prescription sunglasses for as low as $6.95 – that’s like the price of a fancy coffee! Plus, they have a cool virtual try-on feature. Just upload a video of your face on your phone or computer, and you can try on loads of styles without leaving your home.

2. GlassesUSA

GlassesUSA offers up to 70% off retail prices, and their clearance section is packed with deals, including designer frames. New customers can grab a coupon code to save 65% on their first pair of frames. And guess what? They offer free standard shipping on all orders, which is a huge plus.

3. 39DollarGlasses

True to its name, this place has a wide range of prescription frames starting at just $39. All their sunglasses are made in the USA and come with 100% UV protection. Don’t forget to peek at their coupon page for extra savings. They also have free shipping on orders over $99 and a loyalty rewards program, so you earn points every time you buy!

Start Your Search Today!

Shopping for prescription sunglasses online offers a blend of convenience, variety, and potential savings. By understanding your prescription needs, choosing the right frames and lenses, and navigating online deals wisely, you can find the perfect pair at a great price.

With thoughtful research and smart shopping strategies, you can protect your eyes with stylish, high-quality sunglasses without breaking the bank.

Editorial Staff