10 Things the Color of Your Poop Can Tell You

For as long as mankind has been hangin’ around, pooping has been a thing. A natural thing. A thing we are supposed to do regularly to be as healthy as possible.

Everyone does it. Everyone has to do it. Yet, for some reason, so many of us are uncomfy talking any and all things poop — so much so that we might even claim we “barely ever go #2.” (Hey junior high, how’s it goin’?) And let’s not forget the horror of having to use your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s `loo when nature calls. Seriously…how long does one have to wait before this is OK? 3 months…6 months…never?

That being said, it’s actually really important that we make friends with our poop (OK, not literally, Mr. Hanky…) because it’s a messenger for us, delivering crucial news about what’s going on inside our bodies.

Today we’ll just focus on the color of poop and what to look for. This list doesn’t cover baby poop, as we know that’s a whole other matter!

Poop color can be determined by many things: what we eat, how our bodies digest our food, medications we’re on, and so on. If any of you enjoy eating beets, you will know this first-hand. (For those of you who haven’t eaten beets, see the section on ‘Bright Red’ later in this article).

One thing we should note is that everyone is unique, meaning our bodies process waste differently. Therefore, this list should not be used as a diagnostic tool. Your doctor is always the best reference if you’re in doubt or have questions — and he or she will be super proud that you’re poop-friendly and can provide this helpful information!

So, with this newfound knowledge, let’s have a look-see into the porcelain throne and start getting familiar with what our poop might be saying.

Roberto David / Shutterstock.com
Roberto David / Shutterstock.com

Color: Medium to Dark Brown

This is probably what most of us are used to on a day-to-day basis. The brown color comes from the bile produced by our livers, mixing with what we have eaten. Bile is needed to digest the fats that are in our food and is naturally dark green in color.

Sea Wave / Shutterstock.com
Sea Wave / Shutterstock.com

Color: Grey, White or Very Light Brown (Almost Like Clay)

This might mean that the body isn’t producing bile the way it’s supposed to, and/or there’s a blockage somewhere along the bile production line. In some cases, this can happen when the health and functioning of the liver is compromised by disease. Hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and even jaundice can bring on light-colored poops due to the alteration in bile production. This is a perfect example of why we want to talk to our physicians if we notice things in the toilet are different over an extended period of time.

Of course, there are other reasons why your poop might be grey, white, or light brown, which we’ll discuss on the next page…

Murat Tegmen / Shutterstock.com
Murat Tegmen / Shutterstock.com
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