8 Supposedly Healthy Foods You Didn’t Know Are Full of Sugar

FeatureSea Wave / Shutterstock[content-ad-1]Making healthy food choices can be a challenge whether you eat out, have a strict budget, or are overwhelmed by the options at the grocery store. Just because a label claims to be fat-free or low in calories doesn’t mean it is an overall healthy choice. Here are 8 supposedly healthy foods you didn’t know are full of sugar.

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Adding some crunchy granola to your Greek yogurt may give it more flavor, but it also adds extra sugar. To get that delicious granola taste it takes honey, oats, brown sugar, and other added ingredients that up the sugar factor and lower the health factor. This crunchy topping is a tricky one, so make sure you pick a granola that is low in sugar or make your own, or swap it out completely and try going natural with nuts or seeds.

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Low-Fat Yogurt

While low-fat or fat-free yogurt may be lower in actual fat content than regular yogurt, that doesn’t mean it will be lower in sugar. In fact, many fat-free or healthy yogurt brands actually have more sugar than regular yogurt. There are often many added ingredients used to improve the flavor of your morning snack, so be aware of what brands you buy. Not all fat is bad so pick a yogurt that contains some fat content and less sugar for a healthier option.

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Orange Juice

Orange juice may seem like a healthy and refreshing way to start your day but often it contains high amounts of sugar. Some brands even contain as much sugar as a can of soda, which means you’re starting your morning with a sugar rush instead of a healthy boost of fruit. Swap out juice for water with a lemon wedge or other fruit infusions to cut down on sugar and calories.

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