10 Workouts to Do in Just 15 Minutes

featured-imageSyda Productions / Shutterstock[content-ad-1]If you’re a busy person with kids, work, school, social activities and more, it can be hard to fit time in to take care of and improve yourself physically. But if you’re thinking that the time to work out needs to be locked in for an hour or two of your schedule, complete with a trip to the gym and some weights, think again! There are countless quick workouts that need nothing other than yourself to complete. Here are 10 workouts that you can complete in 15 minutes using just your body weight and a coffee table, couch, or chair as resistance.

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1. Push-ups

If you ever took a gym class in elementary or high school, you’ll be familiar with the push-up. Do these for 15-30 seconds just to get the party started. Since we want to get the entire workout done in 15 short minutes, we’ll measure the exercises by time. But once you’ve done this a number of times and feel comfortable with the time, you may want to set your own repetitions (the number of times you do each exercise).

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2. Oblique/Knee-to-Elbow/Leg Up Push-ups

Some effective pushup alternatives are the oblique push-up, the knee-to-elbow push-up, and the leg up push-up. The oblique push-up stretches and strengthens your obliques as you complete the push-up, the knee-to-elbow tests your coordination and is a little more difficult, and the leg up challenges your muscle endurance. Do one of these for 15-30 seconds.

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3. V-Ups

Another common exercise, the sit up, can also be done in different ways that still achieve the same effect (or better). One of these ways is the v-up. You fold your body in an upward motion, arms stretched in front of you as you lay on your back. You want to have your legs lifted in the air as straight as possible. You will try to touch your toes by lifting up your torso working those core muscles. 30 seconds.

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