20 Most Overweight Cities in America

Obesity has plagued the modern world for decades. And solving it isn’t as simple as, say, telling everyone to put down the Oreos. It’s a complex, multi-faceted social issue stemming from equal parts education, culture, poverty and industry. The effects of widespread obesity begin with staggering healthcare costs and ripple through our culture.

16 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

There are times in life when you have to take a dead-end job in order to pay the bills, or you find yourself stuck in a job because of personal ties or other loyalties there. There are uncountable reasons why people take jobs that they don’t enjoy, but staying there for long periods of time can be soul-crushing.

15 Weird Things We Used to Believe About the Brain

As scientific research has progressed, a surprising amount of mistaken information about the brain has stayed in our collective consciousness. For example, have you ever heard someone suggest that they don’t excel at math because they are ‘left-brained’?

How to Identify Alzheimer’s in Young Adults

When we worry about aging, many of us focus on things like greying hair, or developing wrinkles in our skin. But in addition to our external body growing older, our insides — including our muscles, skeleton and organs — also experience wear and tear over time.

40 Best Weight Loss Tips of All Time

There are many weight loss fads out there that are simply a waste of your time and money. But, no single supplement or exercise can make you lose weight—and keep it off— on its own. Healthy weight loss is a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. That’s why we’ve gathered 40 of the best weight loss tips that are proven by science to help you on your weight loss journey.

21 Candy Alternatives for Halloween

This Halloween, you can give children a great surprise when they come by your house for Trick or Treat. You can swap out the traditional candy and gift them some exciting alternative treats that definitely won’t leave them disappointed!

20 Most Deadly Things Found in Halloween Candy

It’s almost Halloween again, and the kids are gearing up to put on their favorite ghost and witch outfits and roam the streets in search of candy. It’s around this time of year that parents need to start thinking about the safety of their kids, too. Every year, we hear horror stories about the bizarre things that have been found in Halloween candy!

Top 10 Signs of Vertigo

It comes on suddenly, often with little to no warning. You’re minding your own business, attending to errands and going about your day, when suddenly the room starts to spin.

Study Shows Hot Drinks Linked to Cancer

Imagine a world without hot beverages. No hot chocolate at the skating rink. No hot apple cider at the orchard. No sweet tea at Grandma’s brunch. Hot drinks keep the world spinning. At least, in the business world they do. I couldn’t tell you the last time I woke up without the help of a steaming, deliciously brewed cup of Joe.

20 Most Dangerous Halloween Candies

Freddy Krueger is retired, Jason is deceased and Scream hasn’t been scary for decades. No, these days the scariest thing about Halloween is also the sweetest. We’re all entitled to indulge, and cheat days make the world spin, but your body is a temple and it’s your duty to exorcise it of those coco-covered demons.

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Brain

The brain is the center of intelligence. It’s the interpreter of the senses, the trigger of body movements, and the control center of behavior. The human brain with all its complexity acts like a storage device which safety holds a person’s most cherished memories.