5 Kid-Friendly Recipes With 5 Ingredients or Less

When it comes to recipes, the words “healthy” and “kid-friendly” don’t always go together. As any parent can attest, getting your kids to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet can be pretty challenging. You may even want to involve kids in the cooking.

How to Sabotage Your Relationship in 7 Easy Steps

Fighting all the time, using hurtful words, and living separate lives are all obvious ways to cause strife in your relationship. But what about the more subtle ways in which you can neglect, sabotage, and ultimately destroy your relationship?

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Yoga has been around for ages, but lately it’s been getting even more popular. There are some pretty good reasons for that, as it’s an exercise that all ages can take part in and it offers not just physical benefits, but also mental benefits.

What Is Autism?

You’ve probably heard talk of autism but do you know what autism really is? Many people don’t really understand autism, which is why we’re going to explain it here in plain old English without a bunch of confusing medical jargon.

Top 5 Sugar Alternatives: How Do They Stack Up?

Processed sugar can be found in everything from bagels to beverages to breakfast cereals in shocking quantities. While sugar may be sweet, it brings with it a host of potential health concerns like obesity and heart disease.

5 Cures for Weekday Morning Madness

Between packing lunches, signing homework and locating lost mittens, getting your kids out the door in the morning can be hurried, chaotic and downright stressful – and your day has only just started!

Take the Most Refreshing Nap Ever in 5 Simple Steps

For many of us, napping is equated with nostalgic memories from childhood. Memories of the “good old days,” when you, your blankie and your favorite stuffed animals came together for a wonderful one or two hour period of complete rest and relaxation.