Symptoms of Pneumonia: Know the Facts

Pneumonia is a respiratory condition that is caused by an infection of one or both lungs. This is an illness that affects more than a million people each year in the United States.

Is it an Ulcer? Symptoms to Watch For

If you’re worried your high-speed, high-stress, fast food lifestyle may be giving you an ulcer, how can you know for sure? Ulcers affect the inside lining of our digestive tracts, causing persistent, burning and downright distressing pain.

10 Symptoms of Appendicitis to Watch Out For

Nearly 1 in 15 of us will fall victim to an attack on our appendix at some point in our lives. And while appendicitis occurs most commonly between the ages of 10 and 30, the fact is this potentially life-threatening condition has the ability to strike at almost any age.

26 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

Anxiety is a condition that plagues many people; some visit medical professionals on a regular basis, while others are afraid to take that route just yet. Still though, most of us with anxiety share a similar hope: that our friends can more fully understand us.

What’s the Deal With Vaping?

Old movie stars might have looked really cool doing it, but for the most part smoking creates smelly weathered looking people with yellow fingers and crappy lungs. Not to mention the fact that it takes the lives of people we care about.

10 Workouts to Do in Just 15 Minutes

If you’re a busy person it can be hard to fit time in to take care of and improve yourself physically. But if you’re thinking that the time to work out needs to be at the gym with some weights, think again!

How to Negotiate Like a Boss

Whether it is a social, business, or a relationship, we all get heated when it comes to conflict. Avoid arguments and settle any personal and professional issues by learning how to negotiate like a boss.

8 Easy Ways to Quash Your Anxiety Right Now

We all faces anxiety from time to time. It might be an important life change, or just a tough day at the office. Whatever the cause there are many simple ways you can use against fight those nerves.