17 Quack Cures Still Used Today

Modern medicine has come a long way since the days of bloodletting and leeching and continues to make incredible advancements every day. Despite the incredible array of effective treatments available to us, “quack cures” that aren’t supported by the scientific method are still commonly used.

15 Celebrities Who Overcame Eating Disorders

Remember back in the good ol’ days, before the internet, when the only access we had to celebrity scandals (like who wore what, or who was caught cheating with so-and-so) were those incredibly educational magazines that lined the grocery store checkouts?

Why Does the Heat Make People More Violent?

It’s no secret that people associate heat with aggression and sometimes even violence. But, does heat really impact our behavior? Can seasonal heat waves really be the cause of periodic crime spikes? Today on Healthversed, we’re turning up the thermostat and scouring the internet to bring you all of the latest on the relationship between your thermometer and your patience.

20 Most Dreaded Diseases in the World

According to The World Health Organization, there are officially more than 12,420 different, documented diseases in the world. Most of us, especially in this part of the world, have it narrowed down to just a few.

12 Surprising Facts About Aspirin

Although ancient history is often dry and not very relevant, it’s interesting that aspirin, chemically known as acetylsalicylic acid or ASA–by far the world’s best known and most popular drug–has been around a long, long time.

20 Ways Your Pet Affects Your Health

Studies have shown that pet owners enjoy a wide variety of health benefits. In fact, a study at Cambridge University found that owning a pet produced improvements in general health in as little as one month.

15 Myths About Carbs That Need to Stop

We argue about the what. We scream about the when. And, we rarely if ever agree on the how often. It’s the nature of consumption. But, one thing that we can all agree on is that Carbohydrates (also known as carbs) are the devil. Or are they?

16 Reasons People Hate the Dentist

The world is a diverse place. Over 7 billion people spread out across 196 countries and speaking over 6,500 languages — and yet I’ve never heard a single one of them make the bold, outlandish claim that they enjoy going to the dentist. Not one!

Do You Really Need to Take 10,000 Steps a Day?

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly bombarded with medical advice. You may have heard that you should be taking 10,000 steps a day in order to maintain your health. This is the equivalent of five miles or 100 minutes of brisk walking per day at a rate of 100 steps per minute.

10 Healthy Dinners You Can Make Without a Stove  

Sometimes when you’re making dinner, turning on the stove just isn’t an option. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer and it’s just too hot to even mention heat, or maybe the stove is on the fritz and you’re surviving repair bills.

20 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

For whatever reasons, kids just don’t seem to like eating their vegetables. Thankfully, there are lots of ways we can make veggies more appealing to children, and these 20 tricks will help you ensure that your kids are eating the balanced diet they need to grow big, strong and healthy.

20 Tips for Quitting Any Bad Habit

We all have bad habits, whether we’re rich or poor, regular Joes or even celebrities. We try to play it cool and pretend they’re not bothering us, but deep down we really want to get rid of them. However, it’s not easy — if it were, we’d be living in a better world, but that’s not the case.