Giving Back: 10 Ways to Volunteer

Giving Back: 10 Ways to Volunteer

Muhammad Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”. A powerful statement that supports the idea of volunteerism and inspires so many to give their time for the great good of man.

People volunteer for many reasons. Some do it to make a difference in the communities they work and live in. Others are passionate about a specific cause or organization, and want to make an impact. Some people dive into volunteering activities to meet new people, develop new skills, and build a network around them. Some do it for the pure pleasure it brings them knowing they have helped a person or organization do some good. There are others that realize the value of volunteering and the high need.

Simply put, non-profits could not do what they do, without the hard work and dedication of the volunteers they have. Volunteers who generously give their time truly are the backbone of any charity organization.

Still, if you are looking to volunteer for a non-profit, the very idea on how to dive in can be overwhelming; there are so many organizations out there that need help.

Below are 10 ways you can give your time through volunteering.

10. At A Hospital

Hospitals are always in need of volunteers with roles that range from working with sick children, sitting and talking to patients, or sitting at the information booth. Sometimes volunteers assist with food preparation and service, or simply help by pushing wheelchairs around. The opportunities to volunteer at a hospital are endless.

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9. Organize A Fundraiser

A fundraiser can be as big or as little as you want it to be. Simply choose a charity close to your heart and then organize a yard or bake sale, where all the proceeds go to said non-profit.

If your local food bank needs assistance, consider a food drive. Grab some blank boards and markers, make signs, and post them around town. Post the fundraiser on your social media platforms and invite friends to join in.

If you have young ones around the house, get them involved with in the process too. They will take away so much from the entire experience and learn that giving back to your community can be fun. / Shutterstock

8. Local School

Speaking of kids, whether you have children or not, schools are always in desperate need of volunteers.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout an entire school where a volunteer can create a huge impact. Kindergarten classes and teachers can use extra hands when it comes to activities and crafts. Adult volunteers are sometimes needed to read with kids, monitor them on field trips, or simply assistance with organizing teaching programs.

Spending your time volunteering with kids can be extremely rewarding.

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7. Coach a Kids’ Sports Team

At times, organized kids’ sport team are cancelled simply because there aren’t enough volunteer coaches available to lead and guide the team. Being part of a sports team offers children a variety of lessons, including teamwork, commitment, and the fun of staying active.

Spending a few hours weekly coaching a team during a specific season annually will not only be something you’ll find rewarding, but you’ll be creating a huge impact for generations to come. / Shutterstock

6. Serve On A Board

A board of directors helps to lead and govern a non-profit and plays a pivotal role in its success. Especially currently when the charity platform is so saturated, as organizations continually compete against each other to gain the attention of supporters when it comes to their respective causes.

Serving on a board of directors will not only help you create a powerful impact for that not-for-profit close to your heart, it can also help increase skill set and the business network around you.

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5. Visit A Senior’s Home

Many seniors’ homes today are filled with older adults who no longer have any living family to come visit them, and are desperate for friendships outside their nursing home. A simple 30-minute to an hour visit once a week for some conversation, and you can create a huge impact for a senior in your community. / Shutterstock

4. Volunteer Online

Many people tend to think they don’t have the time to volunteer and miss out on some incredible opportunities based on this idea. Still, what if you didn’t have to leave your house to make a difference?

There are a ton of online volunteer opportunities that can be done from the comfort of your own home (and computer). You can become a volunteer for a crisis text line, a language translator for a non-profit center, a blogger for a charity who needs content for the website … and the list goes on and on. / Shutterstock

3. Crafty Alternatives

Speaking of not having to leave home, if you are one of those talented individuals who can knit, sew, or crochet, you may want to consider turning your crafty hobby into a volunteering opportunity!

Hospitals are need of hats for newborns; animal shelters need blankets for all those stray kittens and puppies that come in; women’s shelters could always use a funky scarf, sweater, or dress for the many women escaping abuse that enter their centers with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs.

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2. Foster An Animal

Hop on to any social media platform and you will see the incredible need out there when it comes to fostering a cat, dog, or any domestic pet for that matter.

Sadly, many people get puppies, kittens, and bunnies with the idea that owning a pet is this fun and glamourous adventure, when in reality it is a ton of work. As such, many pets get abandoned yearly, where pet rescue organizations are left with the job of picking up the pieces of their broken little souls.

If you have room in your home (and heart) to help foster an animal as they search for their fur-ever home, there are a variety of animal rescues that would appreciate the help.

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1. Support The Community Around You

Sometimes, you don’t need to help an organization to do volunteer work, sometimes all it takes is lending a hand to your neighbors and being a positive force in your community.

Take a Sunday to clean up litter at your local park; help a neighbor shovel their driveway after a huge snowfall; make a meal for a family that may be struggling financially. There are a number of things you can do to help create a powerful impact in your community, without attaching yourself to a specific organization or cause. / Shutterstock