9 Things Happy People Do Every Day

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By Jenni Cairo

In a world often filled with stress and challenges, happiness can seem like a rare treasure. Yet, it’s not as elusive as we might think. Start a search today to learn everything you need to know about improving mental health and being happier.

Uncovering the habits of joy-filled people, we delve into what sets them apart in their daily lives. Happy people are all around us and you may have wondered what makes them feel so great. Read on to discover the secrets to a happy day, every day!

Go Outside

Sun, rain, sleet or snow, catching even a few breaths of fresh air each day is bound to make you feel just that little bit happier. We all know the sun gives us the benefits of Vitamin D, often called “the happy vitamin,” but just because it isn’t sunny out doesn’t mean Mother Nature isn’t gonna cheer you up. Getting outside and away from our phones and computers, stale indoor air and unflattering fluorescent lighting is the best way to reconnect with and ground yourself (literally and figuratively) resulting in a much more relaxed and happier you.

Do Something for Someone Else

This doesn’t mean you need to spend every night breaking your back helping your friends move or walking your neighbor’s dogs, but it does mean that you should make a conscious effort to try to brighten someone else’s day – every day. Even something as simple as holding a door for someone, smiling at the old man watering his driveway, or asking your annoying co-worker if they want anything from the coffee shop: It all counts.

As long as whatever you choose to do is genuine, you will reap the rewards. Save the fake compliments for your mother-in-law and try to contribute something real. Regardless of what you get in return, you will know you have put in a solid effort and that always feels great.

Treat Yo’ Self

Make sure you’re not spending all of your time doing things for other people because you need to remember to make time for yourself as well – every day! Don’t take this as a reason to go out and buy yourself whatever you want whenever you want because “I deserve it!” — but do take it as a reason to do something, big or small, each day to make yourself feel good.

You don’t need to spend day in and day out toiling under the hot, sun-like lights of your office without any kind of reward — you’re bound to burn out. So grab yourself the more expensive coffee or let your brain unwind with an hour of reality TV. (No one has to know!) Giving yourself a little treat each day is guaranteed to make you feel good.

Eat Fresh Food

We all know eating fresh food can be a challenge and some of us end up eating cereal for dinner more often than we’d like anyone to know, but if you can manage even a small portion of fresh food each day, it’s definitely worth it. The vitamins and nutrients from fresh food are so good for your mind and body that they will definitely help you feel great. Eating what is in season especially will ensure that whatever you’re having is the freshest available and will taste amazing. The act of acquiring food from your local farmer’s market or fresh fruit stand will also give you a chance to get outside and get some fresh air. (Refer to number 1 in the list!)

Get Sh … tuff Done

No matter how busy or slow your day is, always ensure that you can check something, anything off your to-do list. This will give you a great confidence boost and feeling of accomplishment that will make you feel great. Even if it’s just picking up your dry cleaning, vacuuming your place or if you’re really ambitious, getting a head start on a big project for next week, getting anything done that you had planned is a solid way to relieve stress and give you a positive frame of mind.

Give Yourself a Break

Happy people aren’t constantly telling themselves they suck, they’re telling themselves how awesome they are and you should too. Always focus on your positive qualities and although you should be aware of areas of your life you need to improve upon, don’t dwell on them and let them bring you down. Everyone makes mistakes, even happy people, but the difference is that they don’t let them dictate their entire mood. If you mess up, learn from the experience and then let it go. You will be glad you did.

Show Your Appreciation

Being thankful and grateful not only makes you feel happy, but it makes the people around you feel great too. Showing your appreciation for the things that others do for you, or just the life you have is an awesome way to brighten your day. By just taking a few minutes each day to appreciate your life or what you love in the world you might surprise yourself with how happy you already are. Letting the people know who help make you feel that way only adds to that happiness so be sure to shout it out loud!

Use Your Imagination

If you want to be happier, don’t get too caught up in the real world, because it can actually be pretty depressing. Don’t ignore reality, but always remember to keep an open mind and bring creativity and imagination into your everyday. You don’t need to be serious all the time — give yourself a chance to let loose and keep things light. Allow yourself to dream big and have fun. By using your imagination to explore thoughts or ideas that make you smile, you will likely come across something you can actually achieve, leading you to even more happy days.

Try New Things

Happy people are always open to trying new things and you should be too. Even if you love your daily routine, your favorite coffee shop, your route to work, and your Chinese take-out place, you are bound to eventually get sick of one (or all) of these things. If you haven’t tried anything new in the meantime, you won’t have anything to fill the void and make you feel good when there’s construction on your street or the Golden Dragon goes out of business. Even if you don’t like the things you try, you will be glad you took the chance and it’s bound to make you feel good.

Jenni Cairo