He’s Into You if…

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By Jordana Weiss

Flirtation can be complicated and make people feel like they’re back in high school. However, flirting is a great way to figure out whether someone is interested in you. Start a search today to learn the signs someone’s into you.

Here are a few ways to figure out if that cute guy in your office or at the gym is into you, and what to do about it if you decide to make a move. With these tips, you’ll be confidently slipping them your number in no time.

1. He makes lots of eye contact

Eye contact is one of the sexiest ways to let someone know that you’re interested in them. While it can be hard to read whether someone is into you or just loves making eye contact with everyone, a good way to tell is if they smile when your eyes meet theirs. Do they catch your eyes when you’re saying goodbye, and grin a little bit? If the answer is yes, chances are they’re interested in you and are just too afraid to come out and say it.

2. He finds reasons to be close to you

If you’re into someone, you’ll want to find reasons to be close to them all the time. If you realize that someone in your life has been wanting to hang out more often, and seeks you out even when it’s inconvenient, chances are they want to take a step beyond friendship. This doesn’t just apply to hanging out as someone who physically steps into your space or finds reasons to be physically close to you is definitely into you. If a person seeks to be close to you all the time, they’re definitely feeling an undeniable attraction.

3. He finds reasons to touch you

The romantic comedy tropes about couples playing footsie under the table aren’t just a product of the movie industry. People who like each other want to be physically close all the time. If someone is into you, they’ll do their best to touch you as much as possible, and it’s usually pretty subtle. Brushing elbows or a knee leaning just a bit too close might be the only clues you’ll get. Does he illustrate a point by poking your arm, or giving you a playful shove? He’s probably into you!

4. He’s excited about your shared interests

When you’re meeting a new person, the first thing most people do is look for common interests since it’s a great way to break the ice and start a meaningful conversation. If a person is interested in you romantically, they might use a mutual interest as a way to begin pursuing you, so they’ll be even more interested in seeing what kind of extracurricular activities you enjoy. They might even innocently suggest catching a concert or trying out a new craft beer bar together.

5. He goes out of his way for you

If someone is interested in you, chances are they’ll go out of their way for you on a regular basis. This could be anything from tidying up your things to buying you a latte on their way in to work in the morning. These gestures are things that show that they care about you, and want you to feel comfortable and happy when they are around. It’s also a subtle way of letting you know they’re happy to provide for you.

6. He wants to hear your voice

Nowadays, texting about the details of a date is normal. We’re used to being a quick message away from all of our friends and may go months without exchanging a phone call since messaging is so convenient. A great way to tell if someone really likes you is if they give you a call or drop by rather than sending a message. Not only do they want to hear your voice, but they also want an excuse to linger on a conversation rather than sorting out the details quickly over text.

7. He mirrors your body language

If someone is interested in you, chances are they spent a lot of time surreptitiously studying your movements and body language. This may manifest in him mirroring your body language — crossing his legs when you do or leaning in to match your posture. Mirroring someone’s body language is instinctive human behavior. Think about all the times that you’ve yawned immediately after seeing someone else yawn. If someone is doing this with you, it means they’re subconsciously trying to show you how alike you are.

8. He tries to impress your friends

Someone who is interested in you can’t wait to find a way to integrate themselves into your life. For many people, this comes in the form of your girlfriends, who are the traditional bastion of your heart. Unless your friends vet the guy and think he’s worth pursuing, he doesn’t stand a chance. So watch how he behaves when he’s introduced to your closest gal pals. If he’s eager to please, chances are he’s counting on you seeing how great he is with the group and inviting him around more often.

9. He’s careful with you around his friends

Even if it’s just a casual hang out, a guy who is into you will be very cautious introducing you to his friends. He’ll be nervous to see how you integrate, and will be wary of one of his buddies blurting out something too quickly. If you meet his buddies, and he acts shy and awkward all of a sudden, chances are he’s thinking of you as more than a friend. Help smooth over the awkwardness by using some intimate body language to reassure him that you’re into him as well.

10. He’s nervous around you

If you notice one of your male friends keeps dropping or fumbling things around you, or can’t think of the right words to say, chances are they like you and are struggling to find a way to express their feelings. Unless a person suffers from major social anxiety, they generally won’t feel this nervous around their friends or acquaintances. If a person is stuttering and nervous around you all of a sudden, they’re probably into you.

11. He teases you

There are a few classic signs that a guy likes you that you can take from your experience in elementary school. Whether you’re five or 50 years old, a boy teasing you is a sign that he probably likes you. Teasing takes effort. It requires a person to observe and reflect on what they see in you, so people generally won’t do it until they feel something stronger than friendship for you.

12. He compliments you

A compliment always feels good. It can brighten your day and bring a smile to your face in an instant. If someone wants you to be happy, they’ll try and compliment you often. This way, you’ll always associate them with joy and positive feelings.

13. You catch him smiling all the time

A subtle hint that someone likes you is if they smile all the time when you’re around. Being around the person you love is a joyful, exciting thing, even if they haven’t told you how they feel yet. They might be trying to play it cool, but most of the time their smile will give them away. If you catch them smiling frequently, try returning their grin and see what happens next.

14. He follows your posts

If someone’s into you, they’ll want to be involved in your life as much as they possibly can — even if it’s online. If a person suddenly starts posting on your wall, liking your posts, or commenting on your photos more frequently, they’ve probably got a bit of a crush on you.

15. He remembers small details about your conversations

There will be times when you’re conversing with your crush, and he’ll remember tiny details of things you said a few days or even weeks ago. Don’t brush this off as simply someone with a good memory. People who are unnaturally focused on what you’re saying will usually remember more of the smaller details of your conversations than the average person.

Jordana Weiss