9 DIY Easter Baskets That Toddlers and Preschoolers Will Love

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By HealthVersed

If you don’t want to spend more than $20 to $50, you can DIY a fun basket that any toddler or preschooler will love. Start a search today to find the best DIY Easter basket ideas that your little one will enjoy.

Easter is a great time to get together with friends and family. Lots of people mark this occasion by gifting the kids in their lives with beautiful Easter baskets filled with toys, gifts, and other treasures. But you don’t have to spend a fortune!

1. Gardening Basket

Cost: $23

If you have a kid in your life that loves plants, flowers, and being outside, get them started on a garden of their own with a garden-themed Easter basket. It ties in really well if you’re hosting an outdoor Easter egg hunt.

Any basket will do, or you can really stick to the theme by putting all the gifts into a pail or miniature wheelbarrow. Stock the basket with kid-sized garden gloves, a three-piece garden tool set, and some colorful seed packets.

If you want to add in some candy, pick some gummy worms, butterflies, or frogs.

2. Bath Time Basket

Cost: $30

Not every kid loves bath time. Even if your kid hates taking their nightly bath, you can attempt to convince them that bath time doesn’t have to be unpleasant by stocking their Easter basket with tons of fun bath products.

If they’re young enough to play with toys, stock the basket with a fun rubber ducky, foam bath letters, or a pack of Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys, which come in a set of eight. If your kid is stocked up on bath toys, gift some fun bath time finger paint or colored bath drops. Package it all up with a cute washcloth or towel and you’ve got an adorable Easter basket that will keep your kids clean and tidy.

3. Reading Basket

Cost: $32

If you’re gifting an Easter basket to a child who loves to read, getting them a book-themed basket is an easy choice. There are lots of great Easter-themed books out there, including many from popular series’ like Fancy Nancy, The Berenstain Bears, and Pete the Cat.

A few books, as well as some other related gifts like a personalized library stamp or book-cut initial makes a really great Easter basket for any bookworm.

4. Favorite Foods Basket

Cost: $25

If you’re really at a loss of what to put in your favorite toddler’s Easter basket, a selection of their favorite foods will never go unappreciated.

Try and stay away from candy since there will likely be tons of that going around at most Easter gatherings. A selection of puffs, animal crackers, juice boxes, and fruit snacks can be gathered from most grocery stores. A set of their own utensils or a personalized, Easter-themed placemat quickly turns last-minute grocery store purchases into an awesome themed gift.

5. Outdoor Play Basket

Cost: $20

If you live in the northern half of the United States, Easter weekend is often one of the first times that it’s warm enough to play outside. Encourage active outdoor time with an Easter basket full of outdoor games and toys.

A basket full of simple gifts like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a jump rope will excite any toddler. If you want to add in a larger item, a padded bat and ball set or a sprinkler attachment for the hose will provide hours of spring and summer fun.

6. Swimming Basket

Cost: $35

If you’ve got a water-loving toddler in your life, prepare them for the summer swimming season by gifting them a basket full of awesome beach or pool toys. To compliment a set of water toys, tuck a bathing suit, sun hat, and pair of sunglasses into the basket as well. Kids will love the reminder that summer is just around the corner and parents will be happy about the inclusion of an adorable summer outfit.

To round it all out, include a bottle of kid-friendly sunscreen, with an SPF of 50 or more.

7. Learning Basket

Cost: $15

Encourage sensory play and learning this Easter by gifting your favorite toddler an Easter basket that will help jump-start their learning and development.

A thick wooden puzzle or set of stacking rings made from durable, child-safe materials is a fun, colorful addition to any basket. Parents love toys like those because they’re impossible to break and don’t play music or make loud, annoying noises.

If you want to DIY part of this basket, you can put together a veggie-themed sensory bin or an Easter sensory bin with mini animal toys and Easter grass. Toddlers will love running their hands over the different textures and they’re easy to DIY with dollar store items.

8. Arts and Crafts Basket

Cost: $28

An arts and crafts-themed basket is a great way to encourage creativity and self-expression in your toddler. Depending on what kind of craft they enjoy, there are tons of options for items to include.

Crayons, pencil crayons, or markers in an array of colors are a great start. Then, add in stickers, stamps, craft paper, coloring books, or a textile craft kit that comes with everything from colored popsicle sticks to feathers. Gather all your gifts together and put them in a plain basket so your toddler has the option of decorating their basket with their new craft supplies.

9. Plushy Basket

Cost: $15

Plush toys are a great Easter gift, but they can be extremely expensive if you’re buying a high-end plushy from a company like Steiff or Slumberkins. This Easter, use some other little gifts to turn a single plush toy into an entire Easter basket worth of fun.

A six-pack of these Greenbrier bunnies only costs $17.43 and you can divide them between several kids or grandkids. To make these into a delightful gift, add some green Easter grass to a basket, plop down the plushy, and surround the toy with small additional gifts like Easter egg candy or bunny ears so they can match their new friend.

It’s tempting to go all-out and buy a pre-made Easter basket for your toddler or preschooler, but a DIY option is a lot more sensible. You’ll be able to pick presents that appeal to their personality and you can save tons of money by using baskets, craft supplies, and wrapping materials from the dollar store. Plus, there are lots of resources on sites like Pinterest that will spark your creativity in no time.

Find More Ideas Today

While this list is a great starting point, there are many other fun DIY basket ideas online — you just have to search for them. Start a search today to find more ideas to create a DIY Easter basket that your child will love!