11 Parenting Facts Your Mom Never Told You

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By Jenni Cairo

So you’re thinking about becoming a parent? You may think you’ve got it all figured out. You were a kid once, you know what it’s like. Well, not so fast … Fortunately, you can learn everything you need to know about parenting with a search online.

In this digital age, the internet is a way to find expert advice for parents. By exploring online resources, you can uncover insights and tips that can help you navigate the complex yet rewarding journey of parenthood.

Kids Don’t Sleep In

You’d think they’d be tired from all that running around and crying all day but you’d be mistaken. Children are typically early risers and will make sure that you are too.

School Plays Are Boring

Maybe the first time you see little Timmy all lit up on the Christmas stage, you’ll feel a slight burst of pride, or maybe a tear running down your cheek. However, once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement, the rest of the school play is going to seem like it never ends. You better hope your child has a starring role to keep you awake and interested.

Kids Repeat Everything

Even if they’ve just started talking, kid’s brains are like sponges and not only do they take in everything you say around them, they tend to spit it back out too. Get used to spelling words out, or coming up with kid-friendly curses, if you don’t want to be constantly washing their mouths out with soap.

Changing Diapers Sucks

A clean, freshly bathed baby bottom might be considered cute, but anything else definitely isn’t. Don’t trick yourself into thinking it will be all sunshine and roses or you’ll be in for a rude awakening. Baby’s stomachs function the same as adults, whatever goes in one end is going to come out the other. Make sure you and your partner have a clear understanding of diaper duty before reality hits.

Kids Are Picky Eaters

You would think that kids would be excited to try new things, considering they spent the first few years of life limited to a few basic flavors, however, more often than not kids prefer to stick to what they know. Getting your children to try as many different flavors as you can, as soon as you can, is the best bet to helping them forget the chicken finger fantasy (all chicken fingers, all the time).

Babies Are Expensive

Yes, they are small, and you’re right, they don’t eat that much and sometimes you can even supply the food for free, however, babies come with many other hidden costs. Disposable diapers are a huge money sink, so if you can get into reusable alternatives, both your wallet and the planet will thank you. Baby formula, medicines, and clothes can also add up as they eat several times a day, get sick a lot, and grow pretty quickly.

You Have to Start Doing Homework Again

Helping your kids with homework is going to become a regular part of your life. You may be surprised at how much you’ve forgotten from your time in school, so it’s going to be quite the learning experience for the both of you.

You Need a Bigger Fridge

As your kids grow up they seem to get hungrier and hungrier, and no amount of snacks will satisfy them. Be prepared to double your grocery list, or triple for teens, every time you go shopping. Fruits and veggies aren’t enough to satisfy either, don’t skimp on the good stuff.

It’s the Hardest Job of All

Being a parent will make you care about things that you’d never think about in a million years. It will also show you a new level of love that you didn’t even know you had the capacity for. Even though it does have its ups and downs and is undoubtedly the hardest job of all, it is, by far, the most rewarding too.

They May Never Leave

If you’re reading this from your parent’s basement, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Not every child leaves and goes to college once they hit 18, some tend to stick around a little (or a LOT) longer. Be prepared to support your young fledglings, or you may have to kick them out of the nest.

You Really Do Need to Have ‘The Talk’

Everyone jokes about having that ‘talk’, you know…the birds and the bees, and you should know that it really does have to happen. Making sure you cover the full spectrum of love and relationships when speaking with your kids is also a great way to ensure they remain open-minded and treat all human beings with the love and respect they deserve.

Jenni Cairo