9 Things Confident People Do Differently

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By Jordana Weiss

Confident people don’t necessarily need to be leaders, but from observing them, we can learn some lessons to apply in our lives. Fortunately, if you start a search online, you can incorporate 9 things that confident people do differently.

There are a few different ways that you can work on being more confident in your everyday life. Scientists have found that confident people exercise regularly and eat better, both of which can help you feel happier in your everyday life. What else?

They aren’t afraid to say no

You might think that it’s the busiest person that’s really the most confident, and it’s partially true. While it’s true that confident people love to be out and about, they don’t always say yes to things that they don’t want to do.

They’re confident enough in themselves to believe that their friends won’t move on if they skip one girl’s night, or that they won’t be looked over for a promotion if they pass on an assignment at work. Taking time for yourself is super important, and it’s something that all confident people aren’t afraid to do.

They find true happiness within

A truly confident person won’t seek approval from other people. In order to be confident in what you’re doing, you need to be satisfied with who you are first. Having a strong sense of your own worth and ability will really help you feel content because you won’t be as reliant on what other people say.

A confident person will usually have a great sense of humor, and won’t be afraid to laugh at themselves. This is only beneficial when you have enough inner happiness to sustain you through a bit of healthy ribbing!

They aren’t afraid to speak with conviction

Confident people know that they can get their point across more clearly when they speak slowly and calmly, and without raising their voices. Getting agitated and raising your voice only makes people defensive, because they feel like they’re being talked at with condescension.

Confident people know that their speaking voice is one of the most important tools that they have for connecting with people, and they use it effectively. You’ll almost never hear a truly confident person use phrases like “uh” or “um”.

They listen more than they speak

Confident people make a habit of listening more than they speak. They know that whatever the other person is saying, even if it doesn’t seem like its anything important, can be key to learning more about them.

Sometimes connecting with people, and making them feel like they’re being heard, is much more important than what they’re saying in that moment. Being a great active listener can be one of the most valuable gifts that you can share with someone.

They aren’t afraid to be wrong

It takes a truly confident person to freely admit their faults. Many times it’s tempting to try and hide your wrongdoings, but confident people know that it’s more important to retain people’s trust, and the only way that you can do that is by being open and honest.

Confident people also know that they can learn a lot from their mistakes, and aren’t afraid to admit their own in order to achieve that priceless learning experience. No big achievement is ever attained without countless failures, and in order to reach the finish line, you need to learn and grow from your mistakes along the way.

They walk differently

It’s easy to spot a confident person walking down the street. They go from place to place with their head held high with their shoulders and back supporting them, knowing that their inner confidence only shines from their face if it’s visible.

You’ll never see a confident person slumped over, or dragging their heels. They know that projecting confidence is important, even if they’re having a day where they might not feel like that inside.

They pass their joy on to others

Confident people know that joy is magnified when it’s shared! Sharing successes with your friends and colleagues will not only bring you closer together, but you’ll also ensure that everyone around you feels just how much you care about and value them. Confident people are secure enough in themselves to know that when they succeed, it’s only because of the efforts of many other people helping them along, and are never shy about passing on compliments or praise.

This is an easy thing to learn how to do, and it doesn’t take much effort. Next time someone praises you for a job well done, take a moment to share your spotlight with whoever helped you get there.

They don’t second guess themselves

Confident people don’t spend a lot of time hemming and hawing about what path they should take next. They logically explore all of their options, before committing to one path and following it until the end.

Trusting in yourself that you made the right decision is a true sign of strength. You will only invites others to mistrust your opinion when you can’t seem to trust in it yourself.

They challenge themselves

Stepping away from a challenge is something that a truly confident person will never do. They know that even if they fail on the first, second, third, or even tenth attempt, making an effort will never go unrecognized.

As well, they aren’t afraid to ask for help, and trust in experts to guide them along the way. They celebrate their strengths, accept their weaknesses, and know that these faults don’t make them any less valuable as a person.

Jordana Weiss