The Best Telemedicine Services

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By Heather Fishel

Telemedicine gives you the opportunity to see and speak with a doctor virtually, without leaving your home. Fortunately, if you start a search online, you can learn whether telemedicine services are right for you.

Sometimes, visiting a doctor’s office isn’t the best way to receive care. With long wait times and limited appointment availability, it’s not always easy to schedule a time to see your doctor for the care you need. That’s where telemedicine can help.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an alternative way to “see” doctors for care and medical advice. Instead of leaving your home and heading the doctor’s office, you can speak with a doctor via phone or over the internet.

Surprisingly, telemedicine has been around since the 1950s – but in recent years thanks to new technology, the service has gone from landline phones to online portals. Today, telemedicine services include everything from online portals managed by doctor’s offices to online platforms that allow anyone to meet with a doctor.

When you use a telemedicine service, you can discuss your health concerns and issues with a healthcare provider in real time. You can share symptoms, get a diagnosis, discuss treatment options, and even get prescriptions. And it all happens remotely.

What is Telemedicine Used For?

Anyone can use telemedicine or a telemedicine service. Your doctor may provide telemedicine services – but if they don’t, there are plenty of options online. And many don’t require you to be an existing patient to get started.

You can turn to telemedicine for many different health questions and concerns. You can ask a doctor questions, talk about different changes to your health and any symptoms or pain, and even ask about prescriptions.

Telemedicine is a great way to get quick information and diagnoses for common ailments and illnesses. It’s also great for straightforward health issues and follow-up consultations. You can quickly and easily address health woes like:

Telemedicine can also be helpful for dermatology and psychotherapy issues, as doctors can speak with patients – and see them – during video calls. Doctors may even be able to monitor some patients and their health conditions via telemedicine.

However, telemedicine is no replacement for emergency services. If you have a serious health issue that needs immediate attention, you shouldn’t rely on telemedicine. Emergency situations like the following still require an in-person visit to a doctor or emergency room:

Overall, telemedicine can help you meet with your doctor for nonemergency visits in a quick, effortless way.

The Telemedicine Services You Should Consider

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easier than ever before to meet with a doctor online. And because of this, there are now plenty of different telemedicine services you can try.

If you’re interested in giving telemedicine a try, here are some of the best services available.


Teladoc offers telemedicine services that cover both everyday and complex care. It’s a service designed to help patients skip visits to urgent care centers. You can meet with a doctor at any time, 24/7, over the phone or via video with the Teladoc website or app. Doctors working with the service include local specialists, family doctors, dermatologists, and even therapists.


Maven is a more unique and specialized telemedicine service. It’s centered around women’s healthcare and family healthcare. As a result, it offers services that are predominantly designed for women and children. Maven offers on-demand services, including virtual care from over 1,700 doctors and care providers who are available 24/7 via its website and app.

GoodRX Care

GoodRX Care is a relative newcomer to the telemedicine space. But it’s a fantastic service for anyone who needs to speak with a doctor – and who might not have health insurance. GoodRX Care costs just $20 for an online medical visit with a board-certified doctor, and prescriptions can be sent directly to a local pharmacy. You may even be able to save money, as prescriptions automatically get GoodRX coupons too.

Connect With a Doctor Right From Home Today

Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to visit your doctor. And if you’re having health issues that aren’t urgent or life-threatening, you don’t always need to schedule an in-person appointment. Fortunately, telemedicine services allow you to get medical advice, treatment options, and even prescription medications from wherever you are in the world.

Telemedicine services provide an affordable option for those who need to see a doctor – without leaving home. Whether you have health insurance or not, you may be able to take advantage of telemedicine services like those mentioned here.

In order to find a telemedicine service that works for you, just search online. You can search for available telemedicine options that connect you with a doctor or medical provider any time. And from there, you can get a virtual appointment, speak with a professional, and save both time and energy.

Heather Fishel