Medicare-Covered Hearing Aids: A 100-Day Free Trial Worth Considering

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Hearing loss can have a profound impact on our lives. Thankfully hearing aids have made huge advancements in helping people regain their hearing and improve their quality of life. Start a search today to find hearing aids with a 100 day free trial.

If you or a loved one is considering hearing aids, you’ll be pleased to know that certain Medicare Advantage plans offer hearing aid coverage, and some providers even offer a 100-day free trial period to ensure you’re satisfied with your choice.

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Original Medicare (comprising Parts A and B) does not typically cover routine hearing care or the expenses related to hearing aids. This leaves most individuals responsible for the full cost. However, Medicare Advantage plans, the private sector of Medicare often referred to as Medicare Part C, frequently provide coverage for hearing aids.

These plans can be a valuable resource to help ease the financial burden of obtaining hearing aids. In fact, as reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a substantial 88% of Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for hearing aids, making it an attractive option for those seeking assistance with hearing-related expenses.

Medicare Advantage Plans That Cover Hearing Aids

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are the only plans that offer coverage for hearing services, and many include coverage for hearing aids. Since Medicare Advantage is privately provided and bundled with your original Medicare Part A or B, the extent of hearing aid coverage can vary depending on the insurance company providing the Medicare Advantage plan.

To determine the specifics of your coverage, reach out to your insurance company using the contact details on your membership card and ask the representative about your hearing aid benefits.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids (100 Day Free Trial)

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids are for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who want a discreet behind-the-ear style hearing aid. Another compelling factor of Jabra Enhance hearing aids are that they can be purchased online without having to go into a store and get a hearing test with an audiologist. But the biggest selling point is their 100 day free trial.

The 100-day money-back guarantee allows customers to have lots of time to adjust to their devices and return them if they aren’t the right fit. Jabra Enhance also offers premium hearing aid packages that come with a three-year warranty, cover repair, loss, and damage. With both Basic and Premium options, these hearing aids offer flexibility to accommodate various budgets and needs.

Enhance Select 50

Jabra Enhance’s economical option, the Enhance Select 50, is a battery-operated alternative that provides cost-effective yet feature-rich hearing aids. Ideal for quieter environments such as home relaxation or watching TV with family, these devices offer the same connectivity and features as their rechargeable counterparts.

Priced at $1,395 per pair for the Premium package (around $697 per device) or $200 less for the Basic package, they offer significant savings compared to some battery-operated hearing aids that can cost $2,000 to $3,000 per device.

Enhance Select 100

Packed with advanced technology, these rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aids provide a seamless and natural listening experience in various situations, from conversations with friends to live music events. The Enhance Select 200 also boasts luxurious features like Music Mode, enhancing your enjoyment of live music, and hands-free calling for iPhone models 11 and newer.

This premium pair is priced at just $1,995 per pair for the Premium package, or $1,795 for the Basic option, making it an affordable choice in the world of hearing aids. For added flexibility, Jabra Enhance offers financing options, starting as low as $65 per month for the Premium package per pair, or $58 per month for the Basic package.

Enhance Select 200

Jabra Enhance’s top-tier option, the Enhance Select 200, offers an exceptional hearing experience. These rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aids are equipped with advanced technology for seamless listening, whether you’re in a conversation or at a live music event. With features like Music Mode and hands-free calling for iPhones 11 and newer, this premium pair is surprisingly affordable at $1,995 per pair for the Premium package or $1,795 for the Basic option.

Financing options are also available, starting at just $65 per month for the Premium package (per pair) or $58 per month for the Basic package.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Hearing Aids Today!

Hearing aids can be life-changing devices for those with hearing loss. If you’re considering them, you may have Medicare-covered options. Don’t let hearing loss limit your experiences. Explore your options, consult with audiologists or hearing specialists, and consider Medicare Advantage plans.

And remember, the Jabra Enhanbce 100-day free trial period can be an excellent way to ensure you’re getting the right hearing aids. Your journey to better hearing begins now. Start your search online to discover the many resources and providers available to help you on this hearing aid adventure.

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