Here’s How to Restore Your Smile with Dentures

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By HealthVersed

Comfortable and reliable, dentures are the perfect solution for missing teeth. Over 30 million Americans have dentures, helping millions of people get their smile back. Start a search today to find out how you can restore your smile with dentures.

Many people worry about getting dentures, afraid they’ll look fake, that eating will be difficult, or that dentures will fall out. Fortunately, dentures have changed for the better. Today, dentures look and feel more natural than ever before.

How Dentures Work

Dentures offer a solution for those who are missing all or some teeth. They help you get your smile back without the need for painful, expensive surgery.

Unfortunately, over the years dentures have not been a favorite choice among many – traditional dentures didn’t fit well, making them very uncomfortable and even harder to clean. Today’s dentures, however, are far more natural-looking and more comfortable to wear; and they’re easy to clean!

Patients now have a choice between two types of dentures: partial and full. Your dentist will help you to decide what type is best for you based on your specific needs.

And now, dentures are also custom-made, meaning your dentist will take a 3-D impression of your teeth so the dental laboratory can create the perfect fit for your mouth. So, how do they work?

  1. Conventional Full Dentures– made for a patient after their decayed or infected teeth are removed – once the patient is fully healed from the extraction the conventional denture is placed in the mouth.
  2. Immediate Full Dentures– as the name implies, the denture is immediately placed after teeth extraction. While this procedure is great as there’s no waiting period, you’ll have many follow-ups to readjust the denture.
  3. Partial Dentures – this procedure is for patients where only need some teeth removed.  The partial denture is attached to a metal frame that will fit in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Today’s Dentures Look Like Natural Teeth

Today, you have options with it comes to dentures. You don’t need to settle for unnatural, plastic-looking fake teeth. Thanks to improvements in both technology and dental techniques, dentures can now be made to look exactly like natural teeth.

New dentures feature teeth made of either porcelain or acrylic. Though more expensive than acrylic, porcelain offers the most natural look as it has a “similar translucent appearance as a natural tooth,” according to the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. This option is also long-lasting and, if you’re only getting a partial denture, can be easily matched with the color of your natural teeth.

Acrylic dentures are also quite natural in their appearance – and a more affordable option. However, acrylic tends to be less durable and may have to be replaced every five to eight years.

Modern Dentures Are More Comfortable Than Ever Before

Denture technology has changed – no longer is discomfort a fear that denture wearers face. Today’s dentures have many advantages over traditional dentures. Here are just a few to consider:

Look and Feel Natural

Dentures have advanced so much that they look and feel natural – long gone are the days of oversize dentures that look and feel fake. Today, denture wearers can be confident with their smiles. And modern dentures, especially the porcelain kind, can better match the density of natural teeth.

Custom Fitting

Modern dentures are custom fit: there’s no one-size-fits-all mentality like there was with traditional dentures. Today, you can be sure you’re getting dentures that are specifically designed for your mouth – and now with 3-D imaging technology, it’s possible to design dentures that can reconstruct the perfect size, shape, and alignment for any mouth.

Comfortable, Snug Fit

With the advancement of denture technologies, you can be confident that your dentures are higher quality – and that they won’t fall out of place, eliminating any risk of embarrassment. Actually, modern dentures will even allow you to speak clearly because today’s dentures offer a perfect and comfortable fit.

Why Consider Dentures?

For those who are missing teeth, especially multiple teeth, dentures can provide the confidence needed to smile again. Today, dentures are more sustainable than traditional dentures; with the custom fit, you can still enjoy your favorite foods without the fear of the denture coming loose or falling out. And dentures are more comfortable than ever before.

As for the price, it’s important to know that the cost of dentures will depend on a variety of factors: materials use, where you live, whether you’re getting a full or partial denture, and if you need any tooth extraction. You’ll want to speak to a dentist about a dentures consultation, which can often be done for free.

It’s important to spend time researching and comparing prices online to find the most affordable dentures; however, if you’re still unsure as to whether or not dentures are right for you, it best to discuss your concern with your dentist at your earliest convenience.