Medicare Covers More Diabetic Needs Than You Think

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By HealthVersed

Medicare can help with diabetes more than you think! If you or a loved one is facing diabetes and calculating the costs of managing this disease, you can learn about all the ways Medicare can support diabetics with an online search right now.

Medicare doesn’t just help with doctor visits and meds; it also covers things like diabetes education, blood sugar monitors, and insulin pumps to help people manage their diabetes better. This can be a huge help given the costs of diabetes.

Medicare Covers 80 Percent of the Cost of Blood Sugar Monitors

One of the expenses of diabetes is monitoring your blood sugar. This requires not just an actual blood sugar monitor, but also an entire set of accessories needed for testing. That means you can spend hundreds – or thousands – of dollars on items like infusion pumps, test strips, lancets, and tubing.

But Medicare actually covers the bulk of the cost of these necessities. Medicare Part B provides covers for blood sugar or glucose testing monitors and infusion pumps, as they’re considered durable medical equipment. If it’s necessary for your health, Part B will also cover related supplies and accessories, including test strips, lancets, glucose sensors, tubing, and insulin.

Medicare will cover 80 percent of the cost of these items. That means you’ll only be responsible for 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount, once you’ve met your annual Part B deductible.

Medicare Also Covers 80 Percent of Your Insulin Costs

Another major expense for all diabetics is insulin. For most individuals living with diabetes, insulin is an everyday necessity – and it can be wildly expensive. A diabetic spends an average of $5,705 per year on insulin alone.

Fortunately, if you’re a Medicare subscriber, you may not have to break the bank to get the insulin you need. Some diabetics may get as much as 80 percent of the cost of insulin equipment and insulin covered under Part B. However, you’ll need to meet certain conditions to guarantee this coverage for your insulin and related items.

With this coverage, you may be able to pay just 20 percent of the cost of insulin, once you’ve met your yearly deductible.

Coverage May Include Therapeutic Shoes and Foot Exams

In addition to your regular medication and medical equipment needs, living with diabetes can leave you with other expenses. Diabetes can lead to other conditions that affect the lower limbs, like diabetic peripheral neuropathy and diabetic foot disease. 

However, even diabetes-related issues and complications may be covered for Medicare subscribers. If you have diabetic peripheral neuropathy or loss of protective sensation, Medicare Part B will cover foot exams every six months. Therapeutic shoes or inserts are also covered for those with severe diabetic foot disease.

Need More Coverage?

If you need more coverage or aren’t satisfied by your current plan, you can make changes to your Medicare plan to increase your coverage. Medicare subscribers are able to make adjustments and shop for new plans during certain times of the year, such as during the annual open enrollment period. And doing this can help you get the care you need without paying so much out of pocket.

Diabetics who require more coverage can also explore supplemental plans or “Medigap” policies, which fill the gaps in Original Medicare by covering additional costs like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. It’s also worthwhile to consider Medicare Advantage Plans, which often offer extra benefits like vision, hearing, and dental coverage, potentially providing a more extensive safety net for those managing diabetes.

Proactively researching online can help you understand the different available options. By consulting healthcare providers, and assessing individual health needs and budget constraints can guide diabetics to make informed decisions, ensuring optimal and affordable coverage.

Check Your Medicare Coverage to See How You Can Save

If you’re struggling with the costs of caring for your medical needs, you aren’t alone. Many people who live with diabetes must pay for expensive equipment and medical exams or treatment. But if you’re a Medicare subscriber, you may not have to pay such high costs out of your own savings.

Understanding the breadth of Medicare’s offerings can be a significant beacon of relief for diabetics, unveiling a spectrum of available support far beyond common perceptions. By tapping into the expanded array of services, from preventive screenings to essential diabetic supplies, beneficiaries can better manage their conditions, mitigating potential complications and enhancing overall well-being.

Furthermore, additional layers of protection through supplemental or advantage plans can fortify this support, providing a comprehensive healthcare approach that aligns with individual needs and budgets. Armed with this knowledge and the options available, diabetics can navigate their healthcare journey with enhanced confidence and assurance, positioning themselves for a healthier, more balanced life.