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20 Things Women Who Took Their Husband’s Name Want You to Know

People tend to have strong opinions one way or the other about women who change their name when they get married. Some (particularly the older generations) feel it’s a tradition that should always be upheld, and get very offended when a woman chooses to keep her maiden name. Other people believe that women should not change their name, perhaps for feminist or heritage reasons.

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20 Things Women Who Don’t Have Kids Want You to Know

Let’s get a few things straight before we begin: there are hundreds of reasons why a woman might not have kids. We might be too old, too young, feeling too selfish or too busy. It might be a personal choice or it might not be. We might just not quite be ready yet.

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20 Marriage Mistakes Men Make

Sometimes clichés are valid and do make a bit of sense – for example, hindsight being 20/20 and “marriages being made in heaven, while maintenance is here on earth.” Very nice! The facts of married life do include speedbumps. Most speedbumps are cautions that, if handled properly, can keep marriages interesting. Some are jarring. And some are outright serious jolts and risks.

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17 Things Kids Can Teach You

As much as we love kids, most of us, busy with our responsibilities, rarely take the time to think about just what it is that children seem to intuitively understand, that adults seem to have forgotten. Luckily, for generations, psychologists have been studying how children can motivate and inspire us in our adult lives.

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15 Signs You’re Being Used

There are plenty of ways to spot a manipulator and stop them in their tracks. Sometimes it takes completely pulling yourself out of the situation to see it clearly, but other times, they leave insidious little clues that you can spot with just a little sleuthing.

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20 Qualities That Make People Fall in Love With You

If asked, probably most of us can recall our first crush, which perhaps is associated with a cringe-worthy, pink-faced embarrassing moment or three… (If only that was the last time one of those happened!) And we can also likely agree matters of the heart rarely made sense.

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25 Stupid Mistakes You’ll Make as a Parent

Everyone sets out to be the perfect parent. From the first moment you hold your baby on the day they’re born, you tell yourself you’ll do everything right for your child. And then you immediately manage to screw something up. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you – that’s just how it goes.

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15 Ways Having Kids Can Ruin Your Relationship

Most relationships – long term ones, that is – go through a natural progression. After a period of dating, the couple may decide to get engaged, and then married over the course of a few years. Once those milestones are out of the way, of course, the discussion often turns to having kids.

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Is Swaddling Safe?

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby very snugly in blankets so that only their head is left out. Swaddling is nothing new—in fact, some experts think that it’s been around since the Paleolithic area.


11 Parenting Facts Your Mom Never Told You

ladybirdstudio / Shutterstock[content-ad-1]So you’re thinking about becoming a parent? You may think you’ve got it all figured out. You were Read More

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26 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

Anxiety is a condition that plagues many people; some visit medical professionals on a regular basis, while others are afraid to take that route just yet. Still though, most of us with anxiety share a similar hope: that our friends can more fully understand us.


How to Deal When Your Horrible Roommate Is Also Your Spouse

Living with another person is a big commitment, it can get tricky if things go sour. It’s easy to laugh at roommate horror stories, but it’s totally different when your horrible roommate is also your spouse.


9 Things You Do That Your Man Won’t Tell You Annoy Him

Surprisingly, all women aren’t perfect. We tend to do things that might be a little bit annoying to our partners. Being aware of these annoyances is a key step to making our lives and theirs a little easier.


How to Deal With Jealousy in Your Marriage (Without Flying Off the Handle)

Jealousy is a perfectly natural human emotion that we all experience from time to time. But when jealousy goes unchecked, it can often lead to bitterness, suspicion and resentment.


9 Things Celebs Can Teach Us About Parenting

We see celebrity marriages crumble, relationships turn into drama, box office successes, and all of the negative effects of fame, but what else can we learn from our favorite Hollywood stars?