7 Little Ways to Show Your Partner You Care Every Day

While grand gestures and dramatic declarations of love are effective ways to show your guy you love him, neither is exactly the sort of thing you can pull off every day. You’d be exhausted!

5 Kid-Friendly Recipes With 5 Ingredients or Less

When it comes to recipes, the words “healthy” and “kid-friendly” don’t always go together. As any parent can attest, getting your kids to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet can be pretty challenging. You may even want to involve kids in the cooking.

How to Sabotage Your Relationship in 7 Easy Steps

Fighting all the time, using hurtful words, and living separate lives are all obvious ways to cause strife in your relationship. But what about the more subtle ways in which you can neglect, sabotage, and ultimately destroy your relationship?

Mommy, Why Are You Drinking Out of the Toilet? Life Lessons for Kids (And Moms)

Little eyes are watching all the time, seeing how mom and dad deal with all this chaos. Quite possibly, the best thing you can do with these zany episodes is turn them into life lessons.

What Is Autism?

You’ve probably heard talk of autism but do you know what autism really is? Many people don’t really understand autism, which is why we’re going to explain it here in plain old English without a bunch of confusing medical jargon.

How Meditation Can Make You a Better Parent

Raising children is not only hectic, but can also be quite a stressful undertaking. You might often find yourself feeling at a loss and wondering how to approach your job as a parent.

The Sisterhood of the Sippy Cup: How Having Kids Changes Your Friendships

The ‘90s are my missing decade. From the last day of February 1990 until the final 2 (twin) munchkins toddled off to junior kindergarten ten years later, my life was a blur of breastfeeding and diapers.