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20 Things Millennials Are Tired of Hearing

If you’re a millennial, chances are you spend more time justifying your life choices in a day than people who were born before 1985. You’ve gotten used to your family and friends questioning your job, your housing, and your personal life. If this rings true for you, take a look at this list to see a few of the most common things that millennials are tired of hearing, and pick up a few strategies to help yourself the next time the questions come your way.

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16 Ways to Recognize a Psychopath

The words insane, crazy, and psycho are thrown around a whole heck of a lot these days. So much so that it’s easy to forget their medical definitions. Today, we’re zeroing in on your friendly neighbourhood psychopath.

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20 Things Women Who Took Their Husband’s Name Want You to Know

People tend to have strong opinions one way or the other about women who change their name when they get married. Some (particularly the older generations) feel it’s a tradition that should always be upheld, and get very offended when a woman chooses to keep her maiden name. Other people believe that women should not change their name, perhaps for feminist or heritage reasons.

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20 Things People Who Hate Dogs Want You to Know

It seems impossible that there can be people on this earth that hate dogs, right? Wrong. Unfortunately for dog lovers, there are many of us in this world that can’t stand canines. Before you bite our heads off (like we’re pretty sure your dog might) let us explain a few things about our dislike that we really think you should know. /

19 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Cancer

Having cancer is one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. While it’s completely natural to want to help when someone tells you they have cancer, there are certain things you might be tempted to say that actually do more harm than good.

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20 Things People With IBS Want You to Know

Chances are you know someone with IBS, whether you’re aware of it or not. We know that people automatically think of “number two” when they hear the word “bowel,” so we choose not to put that image in their mind. We don’t feel like dealing with the snickers at the word “bowel” — plus IBS is just easier to say.

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50 Weird Phobias You Won’t Believe People Actually Have

Plenty of people are afraid of things like spiders, lightning, and enclosed spaces, but did you know there’s a phobia for just about anything and everything you can think of? Here are 50 of the most bizarre fears that have actually been formally diagnosed.

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25 Things People With PTSD Want You to Know

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder, occurring as a by-product of witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. The most common causes of PTSD are a natural disaster, vehicular accidents, an act of terrorism, wartime combat, sexual assault, or any other violent act. This isn’t even close to a full list.


What Does ‘Mindfulness’ Even Mean?

Mindfulness. It’s a word we’re hearing more and more nowadays. But what is it? Simple buzzword? Incurable disease? Katniss Everdeen’s Read More

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9 Things Confident People Do Differently

Being around people that are truly confident can be an uplifting and inspiring experience. Confident people don’t necessarily need to be leaders, but from observing them, we can learn some lessons to apply in our lives.

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8 Things People Who Love Their Bodies Do Every Day

There are people who constantly struggle with their body image. They often worry about how they look, pick at their flaws and criticize their bodies. So, what is it that people who love their bodies do daily?


How to Deal When Your Horrible Roommate Is Also Your Spouse

Living with another person is a big commitment, it can get tricky if things go sour. It’s easy to laugh at roommate horror stories, but it’s totally different when your horrible roommate is also your spouse.


How to Negotiate Like a Boss

Whether it is a social, business, or a relationship, we all get heated when it comes to conflict. Avoid arguments and settle any personal and professional issues by learning how to negotiate like a boss.


How Thinking Like Your Grandma Can Save You Money

Those who’ve lived through times of war, depression, migration or famine remember what it’s like to have very little. Many of our grandparents dealt with hardships that taught them to be resourceful.


How to Deal with Difficult People Without Blowing a Gasket

Whether it’s an incompetent co-worker, a client with an anger management problem, a judgmental neighbor or an interfering relative, we’ve all had to deal with difficult people in our lives.