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15 Drugs We Didn’t Discover Were Harmful Until It Was Too Late

The scientific method is built on a foundation of trial and error. Scientists with fancy lab coats and even fancier Read More

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The 20 Worst Things About Being a Grownup

Before we get started, I want to make it clear: I enjoy being a grownup. For starters, high school is over (fist pump), I can eat whatever I want, I can sleep in if I want to, I can go on vacation if I want to… The freedom is great! But, being a grownup isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either.

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20 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You to Know

Right now, if someone were to hand you a survey which asked when you last suffered from chronic pain, and you were able to answer “never,” count yourself lucky as 100 million Americans are not able to say the same. When doing the math, this number is greater than those dealing with diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer combined. That’s huge.

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

Just hearing those two words is more than enough to get any man squirming in his seat. This squirming may not be related so much to the cancer itself, but rather the prostate exam associated. And while I’ll be the first to admit, a prostate exam is by no means the most comfortable experience you will have in your lifetime, it is unquestionably better than the alternative.

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15 Reasons Why Your Back Hurts

Did the title of this article just give you the urge to stretch or massage your lower back? Maybe you’re shifting around in your chair, trying to make your position more comfortable. If you’re a yogi, you might currently be in child’s pose on the floor. (Once you’re done, please come back and continue reading!)

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder—or SAD—might be one of the most appropriate acronyms in medical history. It’s a depressive condition that reflects the ultimate battle between light and darkness—sunshine hidden by clouds, and sunsets happening quicker and sooner than ever. As a result, symptoms usually start in the fall, and subside in early spring or summer.

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15 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick

There’s nothing that will ruin a beautiful crisp, cool day faster than the tickle at the back of your throat that heralds the oncoming of a common cold. A cold can knock you on your back and make you feel like you’re a relentlessly dripping nasal faucet.

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Top 10 Signs of Vertigo

It comes on suddenly, often with little to no warning. You’re minding your own business, attending to errands and going about your day, when suddenly the room starts to spin.

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20 Myths About Adult Acne and How to Fight It

If you’re ever had a pimple, you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes, you try everything to make it go away, but it just gets worse. If you want to get rid of pimples and treat acne effectively, you need to be able to understand how pimples form, what causes them and what the myths and facts are surrounding them.

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How to Prevent Zika Virus

While it’s tempting to worry about Zika virus making its way to the United States, it’s important to realize that there have been relatively few cases in the continental USA, and of that small number, an even fewer number have resulted in any significant symptoms.

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Why Does the Heat Make People More Violent?

It’s no secret that people associate heat with aggression and sometimes even violence. But, does heat really impact our behavior? Can seasonal heat waves really be the cause of periodic crime spikes? Today on Healthversed, we’re turning up the thermostat and scouring the internet to bring you all of the latest on the relationship between your thermometer and your patience.

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20 Most Dreaded Diseases in the World

According to The World Health Organization, there are officially more than 12,420 different, documented diseases in the world. Most of us, especially in this part of the world, have it narrowed down to just a few.

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20 Ways Your Pet Affects Your Health

Studies have shown that pet owners enjoy a wide variety of health benefits. In fact, a study at Cambridge University found that owning a pet produced improvements in general health in as little as one month.

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14 Things People With Gluten Sensitivities Want You to Know

Human beings are made of strong stuff. Time and again, we have overcome great challenges and exhibited admirable willpower. But there are a couple of things which can bring us to our knees faster than you can say “Sara Lee” — one of which being a basket of warm, fresh bread straight out of the oven.

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Why High Heels Are Harming Your Health

High heels. Those two words, when strung together, can evoke a variety of feelings, emotions, as well as the possible emptying of bank accounts. You might be more than familiar with them, having a closet or two devoted to your collection which spans the colors of the rainbow, and bestow upon them the power to “make or break” any outfit and/or week.