The Best Waterproof Mascaras That Won’t Budge

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By HealthVersed

Waterproof mascara used to be an innovative trick with limited success, but the latest and best waterproof products can really get the job done. Start a search today to find the best waterproof mascaras that won’t budge for anything!

Whether you’ll be doing an extensive workout or attending a big event and want to keep your eye makeup looking perfect for hours, waterproof is definitely the way to go. That said, you’ll need to use the right application techniques.

Great Mascara Tips

Some general mascara tips:

Once you have these application tips down, there are a handful of categories to consider before determining which waterproof mascara is right for you:

With these thoughts in mind, consider the following waterproof mascaras to determine which product will be best for your unique lashes.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

Too Faced’s original Better Than Sex Mascara was such a hit that they just had to come back with a waterproof formula. Is this new formula a beautiful extension of the original, or is it just a flaky knockoff? Let’s find out.

First things first: the wand. This mascara is applied with a curved wand, which almost has an eyebrow-esque shape to it. While this is great for reaching all of your lashes, it is noticeably less dense than the original Better Than Sex wand. Since you’ll most likely be applying more than one coat anyway, unless your lashes are perfectly long and voluminous, then the slightly sparse brush shouldn’t matter much.

If you’re looking for dramatic volume, then this might be the waterproof mascara for you. While there isn’t much clumping with this formula, the bit of clumping that happens does a great job adding some volume to sparse lashes. While the formula is a touch thick and can be tricky to work with on your first couple of applications, you should quickly get the hang of it and be applying it like a pro.

If you’re more into length, then you can still get something out of this mascara. Simply brush the clumps out with a toothbrush, and this curl-holding formula will give you decently lengthy lashes all day long. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to bring a little drama to their lashes.

Of course, the big question: is it really waterproof? Absolutely! Once the mascara dries on your lashes, you can sit through a typhoon and still have freshly-done eyes. When you’re taking this off, you’d better have oil-based makeup remover handy, because water won’t cut it. So, if you can get past a thin wand and a slightly goopy formula, this mascara is great for achieving a long-lasting, dramatic look for your eyelashes.

Nyx Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara

Not everyone wants to pay for a high-end mascara, which is why Nyx products can be a great alternative for the drugstore makeup guru looking for the right products. Their Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara has gotten a lot of buzz, but is it really a lash-lengthening miracle?

This wand is perhaps one of the best you’ll get with a drugstore mascara, and even beats most of the high-end options. It’s made into a warped symbol, sort of like a thin version of the number “8.” This design helps to separate your lashes and coat them individually, and is ideal for providing length.

This is a fiber lash mascara, which means two things. One: it will provide you with lots of length and a natural-looking volume. Two: unfortunately, it is also likely to start flaking throughout the day due to the weight of your lashes combined with the fibers. To avoid the flakiness, apply this with a very light hand. Thanks to the ingenuity of the wand, one coat should be enough to coat your lashes anyway.

The good news is that, if you don’t experience the flaking issue, this really is a waterproof mascara. It won’t smudge or wear off on you, and should last you for a respectable 8 hours or so. This product retails for around $15, which is pretty normal for a drugstore mascara.

Overall, this mascara is excellent for anyone seeking a waterproof formula on a budget. While you do need to be careful not to over-apply, Nyx nailed it with this formula if you’re seeking lengthy, natural-looking lashes.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara

After the success of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Action! mascara, they developed this new waterproof formula to improve upon their original product. Some insist that this product is better than the original, while others prefer Tarte’s first attempt, so let’s consider this mascara on a point-by-point basis.

Much like the original formula, this mascara brush is pretty standard. It’s big and fluffy, which is great for covering the bulk of your lashes in one stroke, but it’s not particularly innovative. If you want to reach the corners of your eyes to apply the product, you’ll need to have a steady hand to avoid knocking it against your skin. Still, it’s a perfectly fine brush with a classic shape, so it’s not a huge downside.

The formula, which is the most important part, is where this mascara really shines. The product applies evenly and doesn’t clump even up to two or three coats, which is rare for a waterproof mascara. As an added bonus, your lashes don’t get that heavy, stiff feeling, which means they’ll keep their curl for a lot longer than usual.

That said, this formula is definitely intended to add length without going too heavy on the volume. There’s a bit of volume that gets added just from the lashes looking darker, but the real appeal of this mascara is the way it lengthens lashes and holds the curl indefinitely.

And, the best news yet, this product causes no smudging or flaking to speak of. Even if you’re a fan of layering on coat after coat of mascara, this product is lightweight enough to stay stuck to your lashes all day, while still building up a respectable length. This waterproof mascara comes in at $23, the same as the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof formula, and is ideal for those seeking a naturally-glamorous look.