5 Moisturizers You Need to Try

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By Jordana Weiss

Keeping our skin hydrated and moisturized should be an integral part of our daily routine. There area wide variety of options, and you can find the idel moisturizer for your skin with a search online.

Moisturizers work to return much-needed hydration to our skin and can also help improve our moisture barrier — the thin layer on the very top of our skin that works to keep water, an essential component to healthy skin, inside.

The Importance of Moisturizer

Our skin is 64 percent water, so there’s no aspect of our skin that’s more important. If our skin starts to lose moisture, it becomes dry and starts to reveal visible lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes, which are less noticeable when our skin is plump and hydrated.

As we age, it’s even more important to use an effective moisturizer that’s suited to your skin type, to ensure that you’re fighting off signs of visible aging like wrinkles. Moisturizers come in a number of different formulas and can be sold as a lotion, cream, or ointment.

A lotion is the lightest formulation and is ideal for oily skin because it won’t add too much weight to skin that’s already burdened by excess oil. Creams are a bit thicker, while ointments are the most intense formulation, and are generally only used by people with extremely dry skin. To help you find the holy grail moisturizer that works best for you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

1. Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Moisturizer

Paula’s Choice is a Seattle-based skincare brand that has tons of fans because of their transparency, quality ingredients, and reasonable prices. They offer a wide variety of products, including liquids and serums made with high-quality active ingredients that are specifically targeted towards individual needs, like pore reduction or anti-aging.

Their Omega+ Complex Moisturizer was made to complement their RESIST Omega + Complex serum — a fan favorite. It’s formulated with omega-3 fatty acids from natural sources like chia and flaxseeds, which help to restore dehydrated skin to its former dewy radiance. It contains shea butter, a potent moisturizer, and barrier-boosting ingredients like ceramides and antioxidants to help ensure that moisture is retained long-term.

Its light, whipped texture goes on smooth, but packs a major punch. Many reviewers, even those with extremely dry skin, were able to use a small amount to cover a large area. Use once or twice per day, paired with the matching serum for best results.

2. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Night Face Moisturizer

French skincare brand La Roche-Posay’s claim to fame is that they are the number one brand recommended by dermatologists. They’ve also invested in dermatological research for the last 30 years that they’ve been in business, in order to provide customers with scientific proof that their products work.

They have a ton of different product lines, all of which are tailored towards different skin types and concerns. To make things more confusing, all of their lines have interesting, French-inspired names like Derm AOX, Hydreane, and Nutritic.

However, one of the best moisturizers they’ve ever produced is their Toleriane Ultra Night Face Moisturizer, which is ideal for very sensitive skin. It’s made without potentially irritating ingredients like fragrances or parabens and is designed to be the ultimate night cream. Its lightweight formula goes on smooth, and works overnight to soothe and comfort dry, irritated skin. There’s even a matching under-eye cream.

3. Nivea Soft Moisturizing Crème

Although it’s a pharmacy brand, Nivea has a great reputation for their products, including their Soft Moisturizing Crème which celebs like Drew Barrymore swear by. One container will only set you back $5.29, and it’s available on Amazon and from big-box retailers like Walmart and Target.

Nivea’s Soft Moisturizing Crème is an all-in-one that’s made with jojoba oil and Vitamin E, which helps hydrate skin without leaving it feeling greasy or heavy. This cream goes on smooth and absorbs quickly, so you don’t have to walk around feeling clammy for hours after applying.

All of Nivea’s products carry their signature scent, but most people didn’t mind the mild fragrance. It can be used day or night. Ideally, you would apply it right after getting out of a bath or shower, when your skin is still damp.

4. L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream

If you’re interested in fighting visible signs of aging, L’Oréal’s Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream is a reasonably-priced day cream that helps to protect skin and leave it looking refreshed and renewed. It’s used by celebrities like dewy-skinned Julianne Moore, who combines it with a few drops of L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil to make a potent anti-aging cocktail.

The day cream has tons of glowing reviews from users who say that it helped improve the look of their skin. After a few weeks of use, not only was their skin softer, but they also saw visible improvements in their skin’s plumpness and luminosity. This cream is formulated with broad spectrum SPF 15, to protect skin from sun damage.

5. Crème de la Mer

One of the most popular moisturizers in the celebrity community is the legendary Crème de la Mer from upscale beauty brand La Mer. It’s formulated with their signature, trademarked Miracle Broth, which they describe as “the legendary healing elixir” that flows through all of their products. While the exact formula for their Miracle La Mer Broth is unknown, we do know it’s derived from algae.

The cream itself is incredibly hydrating and rich, so you can use a tiny amount — which is a relief because this stuff is expensive. For wealthy celebrity fans like Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Hart, the cost isn’t any cause for alarm, but for us regular folks, it’s definitely an investment. To use it effectively, the company suggests taking a small amount and warming it between your fingers until it becomes translucent, then patting it carefully on to your face.

Jordana Weiss