10 Foot Stretches That Will Relieve Back Pain

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By HealthVersed

If you experience back problems, treating your pain with painkillers will only address the symptoms. However, by doing foot stretches, you can alleviate that pain altogether. Start a search today to explore foot stretches for back pain.

Stretching exercises for your feet can help to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your feet and legs so that you can have better support for your back. By doing these exercises twice every day, you can enjoy less back pain.

1. Toe Walking

Walking on your toes can help to make the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your feet, toes, and legs and can help to slowly improve the back pain that you experience. Try walking on your toes for 20 seconds at a time. Relax for about 10 seconds, and then repeat the toe-walking four more times. For the best results, do your toe-walking exercise routine twice each day.

2. Toe Stretching

Toe stretching can help to relax your muscles and are easy to perform. Sit in a chair with good posture. Then, cross one of your legs over the other and stretch out your toes. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and then relax them. Repeat this stretching exercise three times on each foot. You should try to do this exercise twice each day.

3. Ankle Circles

While lying down, lift one of your legs and move your foot in a circular motion, which will rotate your ankle. Do the rotations for about 15 seconds for each ankle. This can help to relieve the pain in your back and joints. Try to do this exercise twice each day.

4. Heel Stretches

Stretching your heels can help to reduce the pain in your calves, heels, and back. To do these, sit down on a yoga mat or on the floor with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. Bend one leg, placing your foot under your thigh. Then, stretch forward while trying to touch your toes. As you do this, move your foot around. Hold the position for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise on your other foot. For the best results, repeat this exercise twice per day.

5. Foot Massage

A great exercise that can help to relieve tension in your feet, legs, and back while also reducing pain is a foot massage. To do this, take a tennis ball and step on it so that it is under your arch. Roll your foot back and forth over the ball. Repeat with both legs for 30 seconds each. Do this exercise twice each day.

6. Resistance Band Stretches

Sit down behind a chair on the floor. Take your resistance band and wrap one end of it around the chair and the other end around your feet. Pull back with as much force as you can until your foot muscles feel tense. Hold your position for 15 seconds, then repeat the cycle 10 times.

Try to do this exercise two times each day. it can help to relieve the pain that you feel in your back, hips, and feet.

7. Upward Stretches

The small muscles in your feet are critical for helping you to maintain proper posture and balance. To target and strengthen them, take a towel while you are lying on the floor and wrap it around one of your feet while holding both ends of it. Lift your leg off the floor as you pull on the towel ends. Hold the position for 30 seconds when your knee is at a point just above your head. Repeat this sequence with your other leg. Try to do your upward stretches twice per day.

8. Toe Pencil Pickups

Picking up a pencil with your toes can help to strengthen them while also helping to reduce your back pain. This exercise can be done nearly anywhere.

While you are seated on a chair, place a pencil on the ground and use your toes to pick it up. You can also perform this exercise while you are standing with your knees slightly bent. Once you have grasped the pencil with your toes, try to hold the pencil for as long as you can. Repeat this exercise five times with both feet, then repeat the entire exercise cycle again later in the day.

9. Heel Raises

Heel raises can help to reduce back pain by strengthening the muscles and tendons around your heels and ankles as well as your calves. It also helps to improve your balance and posture.

To do these, stand behind a chair and hold on to its top while keeping your back straight. Lift one of your legs off the ground. While keeping your knee slightly bent on the other leg, lift its heel up and down slowly. Repeat this movement 20 times before switching to your other leg. Try to do this twice each day.

10. Toe Pressing

Toe pressing can help to increase the blood flow in your feet and to reduce the back pain that you feel. To do this, stand with good posture and slightly bend your knees. Using your toes, press into the floor to grip it. Hold the position as long as you can, then repeat it 10 times.