Everything You Need to Know about Getting Lip Fillers

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By HealthVersed

A full set of lips is crucial to defining the shape of your face. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the kind of lips they want — and lip liners can only do so much. Fortunately, you can learn about lip fillers with a search online.

Lip fillers are solutions that many people turn to. Getting treatment to plump up your lips can help you achieve that perfect look. However, before you start browsing for cosmetic dermatologists and clinics, learn a few basics of the procedure.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are compounds that are injected into the lips to give them fullness. The process, also called lip augmentation, is very simple and isn’t permanent. There are various kinds of lip fillers on the market, and your choice depends on the treatment. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most common filler type. One reason it is a safe beauty product is that it is found in the body. It is a sugar that supplies the body with nutrients to help the skin stay hydrated, supple, and moisturized.

Over time, the HA breaks down and gets absorbed into the system. Doctors choose to inject HA to boost the fullness of lips because it can’t be absorbed into the skin. HA can readily dissolve when combined with an antidote, meaning that a doctor can get rid of it in case there is a mistake with the treatment. Juvederm, Belotero, and Restylane are some of the products with HA that cosmetic surgeons utilize for lip work.


Before you start saving for a lip enhancement procedure, know if you’re a candidate first. Just because you want fuller lips doesn’t mean it’s the best solution. For example, if you want to reduce the distance between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift may be more appropriate. A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can tell you if a lip augmentation suits your goals.

Know the Look You Want

Even when getting the subtlest enhancement, always know your objectives before walking into a cosmetic surgeon’s office. Your goals will dictate the products the doctor uses and how to shape the lip. A patient who needs a lot of structure added to the cupid’s bow will not get the same treatment as someone who just wants a slight augmentation. Maybe your top lip has thinned out a bit over the years, and you want to fix that. You may also have naturally thin lips, which disappear when you talk.

Before undergoing surgery, understand why you want this procedure. For some people, fuller lips are necessary to boost their physical appearances and consequently self-confidence. You can speak of these goals with a plastic surgeon at the consultation. During that meeting, the doctor can learn the issues and recommend how to address them.

What Happens During the Procedure

In 30-40 minutes, you can get your lip injection and proceed with your day. The doctor will inject the HA into the lips, ice them for a short while, and you’re done. They will then massage the area to ensure effective distribution of the HA. Fillers can leave lumps on the lips, which can be unsightly. Always check what the doctor is injecting into your lip. You should see the pack where the doctor is getting the product, to be safe.

If you’re wondering about numbing, the doctor can inject the gums with an anesthetic or use a topical cream. Talk to the cosmetic surgeon about the product they will be using for the numbing so that you’re sure about what’s entering your body. Some people may choose to forgo the numbing but note that lips are very vascular, so they tend to bruise easily. The rate of bruising will also depend on the technique the doctor uses. Most experts say that using a cannula instead of a needle for the injection minimizes the bruising.

Prep Work is Necessary

The amount of preparation before the procedure depends on an individual and the doctor handling it. Plastic surgeons give a list of things to avoid taking before the treatment. Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, and fish oil are some of the most common restriction because they’re blood thinners, which can increase bruising. Alcohol may have the same effect, so some doctors advise against it as well.

If you’re taking any other medications, your doctor should tell you if it’s safe to get the procedure while taking them. You may also want to avoid activities that increase the supply of blood to the face, such as facials. An individual who gets cold sores should take prevention drugs two days prior to the treatment because injections may trigger the condition.

After the Procedure

When the process is complete, expect some swelling and discomfort. A doctor may provide medication or supplements to alleviate the bruising and inflammation. The ease at which you bruise will determine the extent of the situation after injection. An ice pack works wonders for your swollen face. You should be able to attend to your tasks without too much trouble after the treatment. The speed at which the inflammation goes away varies among patients, but after three days any bruising should recede. You may need painkillers afterward, but most people only experience discomfort.

The Cost of Lip Fillers

The chemicals used for lip augmentation are not cheap, meaning you may need to save up for the procedure. Other variables may dictate how much you’ll need to pay for the procedure, but the general price range sits around $500 to $1000. The reputation of the practitioner, location where you’re receiving the treatment, and use of anesthetic are a few aspects that will influence cost.

Where to Get Treatment

You want the best for your lips, so don’t settle for less than qualified practitioners. Lip augmentation has become a highly sought-after procedure, leading to an influx of unqualified doctors performing the surgeries. Botched cosmetics jobs are not uncommon, and certainly not pretty. A failed lip filler can ruin the physical structure of your lips, especially if the practitioner uses the wrong products.

Be cautious, particularly when searching for plastic surgeons online. Use only the most repeatable site to get recommendations for lip augmentation specialists and clinics. If a friend has undergone the procedure and you like the results, ask for a referral. Stick to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and nurse practitioners for lip filler treatment. Check the credentials and experience of the professional you need to hire. Get assurances that they specialize in lip augmentation procedure.

The non-surgical treatment of enhancing your lips using lip filler can change your look completely. Work with a qualified practitioner for satisfactory results and high standard of care.