The Most Effective Hearing Aids on the Market

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By HealthVersed

Struggling with hearing and constantly missing out on important information, conversations, and more? The solution is hearing aids. If you’re interested in hearing aids, you can find the most effective hearing aids with an online search right now.

While you may think of hearing aids as clunky and uncomfortable, today’s hearing aids are truly changing the way people regain hearing. There’s one thing they all have in common: quality sound at the right price, without sacrificing your comfort.

1. Lyric by Phonak

Most hearing aids claim to be subtle and “invisible”, blending in with your ears as much as possible – but very few actually deliver on that promise. The Lyric by Phonak, however, is the first hearing aid that’s truly “invisible.”

Touted as the “world’s only 100 percent invisible hearing aid,” the Lyric is designed to be worn 24/7. It’s as seamless as wearing contact lenses, yet it’s still capable of delivering incredibly clear, natural sound. The Lyric is a tiny hearing aid that’s inserted deep into the ear canal. It rests near the eardrum, mimicking the process of natural hearing by amplifying sounds as they travel through your ear canal. And the quality of sound is so fantastic that Lyric reports 88 percent of users feel this hearing aid comes close to restoring their natural hearing.

An audiologist, or hearing specialist, will insert this model for you and you’ll then be able to wear the Lyric worry-free for up to 4 months. And you can forget about changing batteries or fighting with the fit of your hearing aid. The Lyric eliminates these problems; your audiologist will remove and replace your hearing aid before its batteries die.

Water resistant but not waterproof, you can wear the Lyric hearing aid while showering, sleeping, and exercising. It’s a hearing aid that gives you both the freedom of crisp, natural hearing and the comfort you’d enjoy without a hearing aid, offering the best of both worlds.

2. Aquaris by Siemens

If you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, you’re familiar with their limitations. In decades past, wearing hearing aids meant you had to limit yourself, staying away from any activities that could result in sweat, dust, or moisture getting into your hearing aids. However, the Aquaris by Siemens is changing this and offering hearing aid wearers more freedom and flexibility.

The Aquaris hearing aid is so revolutionary it was named an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Design and Engineering Honoree in 2013. It’s the world’s first waterproof, dust proof, and shock proof hearing aid, upending the industry and letting you wear your hearing aids without any concern. This hearing aid is one solid piece, keeping its most important technology sealed and protected. It’s also ergonomically designed to comfortably suit any ear, and it’s powered by Siemens’ BestSound Technology, which offers noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and an extended frequency range.

If you’ve missed out on plenty of fun thanks to your hearing aid, say goodbye to those days – with the Aquaris by Siemens, you’re free to swim, dive, surf, or even simply exercise thanks to this hearing aid’s resilience. Built to be scratch-proof and protected by a soft rubber covering, the Aquaris is shock resistant and can withstand everything from perspiration to water.

3. LiNX2 by ReSound

Frustrated by unnatural hearing aids that make it difficult to live life seamlessly? Now’s the time to stop worrying about your hearing aids and switch to one that integrates into your everyday life effortlessly – and if you choose the LiNX2 by ReSound, your hearing aid will even sync up with your smartphone and other tech gadgets.

What makes the LiNX2 a truly unique hearing aid is that it’s designed for the iPhone. ReSound created this special hearing aid to connect wirelessly with any iPhone or iPad (and even a few more electronic devices), giving wearers the opportunity to stream phone calls, music, videos, and other media directly into their hearing aid for perfect sound quality. You can personalize your hearing aids and connect effortlessly over any WiFi network.

But the LiNX2 is also a highly effective, quality hearing aid. It offers speech intelligibility that’s 30 percent better than other models and has more accurate noise reduction. The unique Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense also gives you a clear sense of where sounds are coming from, ensuring you don’t miss out on the most important aspects of hearing.

And thanks to the smartphone connectivity built directly into this hearing aid, you’ll also have the ability to customize your hearing as needed. You can adjust settings right from your iPhone, making the LiNX2 a tech-savvy hearing aid unlike any other.

Medicare Could Cover the Cost of Your Hearing Aids

Choosing the most effective hearing aids available today comes with a cost – and that cost is often significant, especially for seniors living on fixed incomes. Fortunately, there are ways to save, or even slash the cost, of any hearing aid model.

If you’re age 65 or older and a Medicare subscriber, you’re eligible for different types of hearing aid coverage. While original Medicare – also known as Medicare Parts A and B – only covers a percentage of your hearing exams. However, Medicare Advantage plans (or Part C) may cover both your hearing exams and hearing aids.

Medicare Advantage plans offer different levels and types of coverage. Because you’re able to choose your own unique Advantage plan, not all plans offer the same coverage; however, this means that you may have all the coverage you need. Check your current Medicare Advantage plan to see if hearing aids are covered by your insurer.

If you want to find a Medicare plan to cover the expenses of your hearing aids, you can make changes to your plan. Compare different Medicare Advantage plans online, and make sure to check out plans that specifically cover hearing aids. Some plans may cover the entire price of hearing aids, while other plans can help reduce your costs significantly.