Eating Fruits and Vegetables Can Actually Alter Your DNA

We’ve all been nagged at by our parents to eat our fruits and vegetables. And we’ve all heard the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Fruits and vegetables even make up the largest arc in many countries’ official Food Guides, with recommended daily servings of 7-10 for individuals aged 19-50.

Warning Signs: What Your Body Is Telling You

When something is wrong with our health, it usually doesn’t go into full-swing all of a sudden. Our body typically gives us warning signs well in advance of an issue becoming critical.

Are Stress Levels Among Teens and Kids on the Rise?

We may look at kids and teenagers and wish we were their age again, with no worries, good health and a life filled with happiness. Sadly, while things look great from the other side, the lives of kids and teens are actually more stressful than you can imagine.

12 Ways to Power Through a Workout When You’re Not in the Mood

There are many reasons you might not be in the mood to work out. Sometimes, it might just be a hassle to motivate yourself to get out of bed to go on an early morning jog before you start work or your parenting duties. Other times, you may legitimately be feeling ill and your body seems too weak to move.

The Untold Story of Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is often associated with women. This is evident in advertisements for breast cancer foundations and even through the international symbol of breast cancer awareness—the pink ribbon.

8 Things People Who Love Their Bodies Do Every Day

There are people who constantly struggle with their body image. They often worry about how they look, pick at their flaws and criticize their bodies. So, what is it that people who love their bodies do daily?

Supplement Safety: What’s Safe and What to Steer Clear Of[content-ad-1] Supplements are products which may include vitamins, herbs or minerals. They can come in a variety of forms such Read More