20 Myths About Productivity

Most people assume that the longer you work, the more you get done. While in theory this makes sense, in practice it doesn’t hold up.

15 Helpful Ways to Combat Headaches

Headaches are very common. So it’s not too surprising that headaches are commonly misunderstood and sometimes confused with well-intentioned second (and third) hand opinions and suggestions. Some work. Some don’t. Here at Healthversed, we will help sort out what are the best ways to combat those annoying headaches.

18 Ways to Raise Smart Kids

It’s every parent’s intention, wish, and bragging right to have intelligent offspring. Of course, there’s no formula to magically produce smart children, but some parents try their hardest to make their child the smartest out of the bunch. Decades of scientific research gone towards understanding what produces “smart kids” and today on Healthversed, we will share with you 18 ways raise your children to be top of their class.

16 Things TV Doctors Always Get Wrong

All those crises! All those sirens! All that panic! Not to mention the miraculous, life-and-death rush, and heroics (just before the commercial break, of course) of all those TV nurses and doctors. Usually decked-out in full or partial scrubs, they sure look like real nurses and doctors, don’t they? And, despite the frequent techno-jargon, they seem to have the buzz down properly.

20 Mistakes That Could Be Causing Your Acne

Nevermind the teen myths, the old wives’ tales, the voodoo curses, the crazy and unreliable “somebody said’s.” More and more skin experts and professionals are joining the frustrating chorus saying that acne is not a curse.

20 Marriage Mistakes Men Make

Sometimes clichés are valid and do make a bit of sense – for example, hindsight being 20/20 and “marriages being made in heaven, while maintenance is here on earth.” Very nice! The facts of married life do include speedbumps. Most speedbumps are cautions that, if handled properly, can keep marriages interesting. Some are jarring. And some are outright serious jolts and risks.

15 Ways the Holidays Can Ruin Your Looks

Blame it on running around. Blame it on the eggnog. Blame it on not finding a parking space less than a mile from the mall’s front door. Blame it on the weather, out-of-town guests, stress, and sleep deprivation. Or just blame it on Santa!

17 Things Kids Can Teach You

As much as we love kids, most of us, busy with our responsibilities, rarely take the time to think about just what it is that children seem to intuitively understand, that adults seem to have forgotten. Luckily, for generations, psychologists have been studying how children can motivate and inspire us in our adult lives.

15 Things People Who Get Migraines Want You to Know

All the well-intentioned, relevant, good advice is usually appreciated, but sometimes people just don’t realize what they’re saying to someone who suffers from migraines. When it comes to the excruciating pain and the helpless feeling that your head may split in half, most people can’t relate. In most cases, empathy trumps well-intentioned, relevant good advice.

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Brain

The brain is the center of intelligence. It’s the interpreter of the senses, the trigger of body movements, and the control center of behavior. The human brain with all its complexity acts like a storage device which safety holds a person’s most cherished memories.

21 Worst Things About Being a Lefty

Research shows that between 10 percent and 12 percent of the world’s population is left-handed. That means there’s maybe as many as 750 million lefties on the planet. The mystery is that scientists have no idea why! Some research suggests it’s in the genes and being a lefty may run in the family. In fact, in the British royal family, the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William are all lefties.

20 Ways to Get More Done in the Day

With busy lives made even more complicated by being constantly plugged-in, sending texts, tweets, replying to posts and e-mails and getting bombarded by outside stimuli and distractions, a lot of people end up wasting time and chronically get sidetracked about any goals they may have set for themselves.

10 Most Common Fears

Fear is an emotion. It usually kicks in when somebody senses a threat. Phobia is just the fancy Greek word for “fear.” Psychologist shop-talk usually defines phobias as the “excessive or unreasonable fear of an object, place or situation.

20 Most Dreaded Diseases in the World

According to The World Health Organization, there are officially more than 12,420 different, documented diseases in the world. Most of us, especially in this part of the world, have it narrowed down to just a few.

12 Surprising Facts About Aspirin

Although ancient history is often dry and not very relevant, it’s interesting that aspirin, chemically known as acetylsalicylic acid or ASA–by far the world’s best known and most popular drug–has been around a long, long time.