15 Signs You’re Being Used

There are plenty of ways to spot a manipulator and stop them in their tracks. Sometimes it takes completely pulling yourself out of the situation to see it clearly, but other times, they leave insidious little clues that you can spot with just a little sleuthing.

15 Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Life

Many people live their life with their phone by their side, which makes complete sense – after all, it can add, translate, research, and even find a date for you. It truly seems like there’s nothing your smartphone can’t do.

16 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

There are times in life when you have to take a dead-end job in order to pay the bills, or you find yourself stuck in a job because of personal ties or other loyalties there. There are uncountable reasons why people take jobs that they don’t enjoy, but staying there for long periods of time can be soul-crushing.

15 Weird Things We Used to Believe About the Brain

As scientific research has progressed, a surprising amount of mistaken information about the brain has stayed in our collective consciousness. For example, have you ever heard someone suggest that they don’t excel at math because they are ‘left-brained’?

7 Reasons to Love Pulses

Pulses are amazing because not only are there benefits from eating them, but there are also benefits from growing them, both industrially on farms and at home. If you think you’ve never heard of pulses- think again!

9 Things You Can Make With Matcha

It’s always been a huge part of Japanese culture, but before 2000, most people in North America only knew about matcha from sushi restaurants or Asian supermarkets. Even then, they probably wouldn’t have connected those tasty soba noodles with the word matcha, or known how important the tea is in Japan.

Are Milk Alternatives (Like Soy and Almond Milk) Healthier Than Dairy Milk?

Many people who are allergic to cow’s milk find themselves more comfortable drinking other types of animal milk. Goat, buffalo and sheep milks are also regularly drunk by humans, as well as used to make foods like cheese and yogurt. There are a few other types of animal milk available around the world – including horse, donkey, camel, reindeer, yak, and moose milks