6 Healthy Skin Habits for Any Age

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By Dorathy Gass

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ – but it’s incredibly easy to neglect it. Every little action, from the food you eat to how much water you drink, affects your skin and its health. Start a search today to find the best skin habits for any age.

While living a healthy life is important, it’s also a smart idea to build a skincare routine filled with good habits. If you want to appear fresh and youthful at any age, here are 6 steps you should take in caring for your skin.

1. Wash Your Face Twice Daily

Whether you’re in your early 20s or your late 70s, one of the best skincare habits you can build is to wash your face twice daily: once in the morning and once at night.

Whether you wear makeup or not, your skin is bombarded by outside factors. That’s why a twice-daily face wash is needed. Pollution, exposure to dirt, grime, oils, as well as other things that cling to your skin (makeup included) need to be washed away in order to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.

2. Apply a Moisturizer

Your skin has a natural moisture barrier, and drinking water can deeply hydrate your skin. But that isn’t enough – your skin can easily look dull due to dehydration any time of the year.

That’s why everyone should use a moisturizer both day and night. Many skin care experts agree that you should apply moisturizer in the morning and before heading to bed at night. A good moisturizer is essential to keeping your skin glowing at any age.

3. Choose All-Natural Skincare Products

Speaking of skincare products like moisturizers, it’s very important that you apply the right products each day. You should choose skincare products suited to your skin type – but you should also seek out all-natural options.

There are many skin care products available today, but many are filled with harsh cleansers, acids, and detergents that can irritate skin, even if your skin isn’t sensitive. Refrain from using products with these harsh additives by checking the ingredients in every skincare product.

You can also ask questions, read reviews, and do research before purchasing any skincare products. Choosing all-natural products when you can will not only be better for your skin because they lack toxins and chemicals, but it’ll also be better for the world around you.

4. Always Apply Sunscreen

No matter what your age or skin type is, protecting your skin from the sun is vital to its health. If you do nothing else each day before you leave the house, you must apply sunscreen.

It’s no secret that the sun can cause increasing damage to your skin. It not only enhances wrinkles, causes sunspots or age spots, results in pigmentation, degrades skin texture, decreases the elasticity of the skin, and causes other symptoms of skin aging; it also increases your risk of skin cancer.

Sun safety for your skin means you need to apply sunscreen, but you should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against ultra-violet sun rays. You can also wear a hat for added coverage.

5. Stay Hands Off

It’s a natural habit to touch your face with your fingers. In fact, you probably do this hundreds of times throughout each day. But this subconscious habit can be terrible for your skin on so many levels.

First and foremost, touching your face with your fingers can spread bacteria (from other objects you’ve touched) onto your skin, which can result in breakouts. It can also increase the chances of getting sick, enhance wrinkles, and lead to facial scarring. So, if you’re guilty of this, make it a point to stop. The sooner you stop this bad habit, the better it’ll be for your health and skin.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is key to healthy skin, plain and simple. If you want your skin to look radiant, youthful, and glowing, you need to be well-hydrated from the inside out.

And that means you should keep your water intake at approximately eight glasses of H20 daily. This is the recommended amount of water for every person, every day. If you’re dealing with the signs of dehydration, though – like dry skin – you may want to drink even more. You can also reach for skincare products, whether they be anti-aging creams, moisturizers, or cleansers, with extra-hydrating formulas.

Start Taking Better Care of Your Skin Today

To keep your skin looking its very best, make sure you’re sticking to these healthy habits. Although they seem simple, they can make a big difference. And with some, like moisturizer and sun protection, you’ll be able to see results quickly.

If you need more targeted care for your skin, don’t forget there are plenty of products and tips available online. You can easily search for tips that work for your unique skin type or your skin’s needs. Armed with the right knowledge and skincare products and habits, you can start perfecting your skin today.

Dorathy Gass