10 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts for Less Than $30

Don’t look now, but Father’s Day is coming up fast! Those of us that are lucky enough, will soon be spending a lovely afternoon in June with the man who helped create us.

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to impress your father, but you will need to get creative. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best and most cost-effective Father’s Day available to you right now.

1. New Wallet

Buying a new wallet for Dad is easy. But getting him to actually retire old reliable is another story altogether. Thankfully the Roy Bi-Fold Wallet from Herschel Supply Co. is stylish, practical, rugged and affordable!

Get a $25 Herschel Roy Bi-Fold Wallet for your Dad from Urban Outfitters.

2. Shaving Kit

Hitting a Father’s Day home run is as easy as buying a practical gift. And what’s more practical than a luxury shaving kit?

The Harry’s Winston Shaving Kit comes with a fancy handle, three German-engineered blade cartridges, foaming shave gel, and a travel cover. You can even get it engraved!

The Harry’s Winston Shave Set is a steal at $25.

3. Homemade Picture Book

Dad’s love a great picture book, don’t they? Especially one that features their favorite person in the world — you.

Artifact Uprising is an online printing house that repackages your photos into professional picture books quickly, easily, and (most importantly) affordable. They don’t even require you to upload your photos. Plus, they’ll port them over from Instagram for you!

An Instagram Friendly photo album from Artifact Uprising will run you anywhere between $15 to $28.

4. Hot Sauce Gift Pack

If Moms run on lattes and charcuterie, then Dads are fueled by hot sauce and BBQ. Sure, you could go to the grocery store and load up on Frank’s, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, we encourage you to check out the gift packs available at Heatonist.

Heatonist was popularized by the popular YouTube show Hot Ones, which showcases a variety of some of the best and hottest sauces in the world. For $30, the Hot Ones Season 9 Warmup Pack gets you three-bottles of some of the best hot sauce around.

5. Power Bank

Gadgets are the lifeblood that keeps Dads going. Smart watches, handheld GPS units, infrared thermometers — they love the stuff.

Though Dad-approved gadgets may not fit into your budget this Father’s Day, this portable charger by Jackery Bolt most certainly will. For just $29.99, the Jackery Bolt portable charger will put 6000 mAh of re-charge power right in your Dad’s pocket. That’s roughly two full charges of a standard iPhone.

6. Fancy Coffee Grinder

Sure, pre-ground coffee is available wherever you buy your groceries. But pre-ground coffee can lack flavor and freshness.

Kick your Dad’s coffee game up a notch with a fancy, professional, and stylish electric coffee grinder. Bodum’s Bistro Electric Grinder is durable, efficient, comes in five colors, and costs just $28.86.

7. The Ultimate Grill Brush

The BBQ season is just starting to warm up, so why not give dad a grill-inspired gift?

No, we aren’t talking about a flimsy plastic grill brush from the hardware store checkout aisle. This is a Grill Daddy.

The Grill Daddy uses steam and woven bristles to get in and clean the nooks and crannies of your outdoor cooking surface. Not only is it one of the best grill brushes in the game, but it’s only $19.99!

8. Travel Mug

Travel mugs have been keeping Dad’s beverages hot and cold since the beginning of time. And better yet, you can never have too many of them.

This Zojirushi Stainless Steel, 16-ounce insulated mug is perfect for that morning cup of coffee hot. It’s also super affordable. This four-and-a-half-star rated travel mug is just $22.72.

9. Poker Set

Whether you’re hanging around in the backyard playing for fun or hanging out in a smoky garage with big bucks on the line, a poker set is essential.

This Kangaroo Poker Chip Set comes with 33 chips, five dice, two sets of playing cards, and aluminum case with key, and dealer buttons for the serious player. It’s also just $29.95.

10. Swiss Army Knife

If there’s anything that Dads enjoy messing around with more than electronics, it’s knives and tools.

And, the Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool Evolution Pocket Knife has all of the above. Durable, compact, and made in Switzerland, this baby will no doubt be a daily-carry staple for your Dad as soon as he tears through the wrapping paper.

Get a knife for your Dad for just $26.37 over at Amazon.

Happy Father’s Day

Let’s be honest, you could still show up to Father’s Day with hand-glued macaroni art and your Dad would still be proud. The most important gift you can give your pops this Father’s Day is your time and maybe a big old-fashioned bear hug.

Hopefully, the ideas on this list helped your search, but if it didn’t, don’t sweat it too much. You’ll always be the smartest, best looking, most successful person in the world in the eyes of your Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Jun 4, 2019
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