Declutter Your Social Media to Boost Productivity

Put a halt to notifications

One way that social media can insidiously take over your life is if you allow notifications on your computer or phone. By pinging you every time someone comments on your page or tags you in a status, it makes you feel important like these are updates that you need to respond to immediately.

While some people do use social media to promote their business, if you’re only using it for socializing, there’s no need for notifications. Turn them all off by going into your settings and prepare to feel much less distracted.

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Unsubscribe from junk emails

Another way that social media manages to infiltrate your daily life is through junk mail. There are many products, websites, and businesses that get your information through your Facebook and Google profiles, then send you junk mail based on your stated interests.

If you want to cut down on the amount of junk mail that you’re getting on a daily basis, you can use a service like to easily and quickly unsubscribe from newsletters and mass emails. If you use the service once every few months, you’ll be able to keep new junk mail to a minimum.

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Purge your friends and groups

If you ever feel like you’re logging on to social media and seeing the activity of people you barely know and don’t care about, it’s definitely time to do a purge.

Go through your Facebook friend list or list of people that you follow on Instagram, and remove the people whose updates you’re no longer interested in following. If you’re struggling to figure out who to remove, start with people whose updates make you feel inadequate, jealous, or annoyed every time you see them. It’s hard enough not to compare yourself to people in real life, much fewer people that you only know online.

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