12 Top-Notch Experiences You Can Have with Your SO on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, instead of making a reservation at an overpriced restaurant and shelling out for a bouquet of red roses, take your significant other for a fun and unique date night. One of the best ways that you can get closer to a partner is by sharing common experiences and learning new things together.

Think outside of the box – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a stereotypically romantic outing. Anything where you’re intentionally taking time out of your schedule to be together is romantic in our eyes. Check out some of the best experiences you can have with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

1. Visit a Distillery

This year, instead of spending $50+ on mixed drinks at a boring restaurant, put that money towards supporting a local distillery. Most cities now have distilleries located well within the city limits – you don’t need a huge warehouse to make amazing liquors.

Distilleries large and small offer tours where you can see how their product is made and what goes into making them. If your local distillery doesn’t offer tours, you may still be able to sample their products at their bottle shop. Both the tour and the tasting will give you a chance to speak to the workers who are directly involved in the drink’s production. Bonus: they’ll be able to tell you the best way to drink it once you’ve got your bottle home, too.

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2. Do a Cooking Class

A cooking class is a great date night any time of the year but especially on Valentine’s Day. It really beats having to wait ages for a table at your local date night spot. You’ll get an amazing meal and you’ll also learn the skills necessary to reproduce it at home whenever you want.

Some popular cooking classes cover skills like pasta making, food prep, or even a complex regional cooking style, like Indian or Thai. Most of these classes run between $75 and $200, which covers the instructor, the tools, as well as the ingredients that you’ll need to make your meal.

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3. Get a Couples Massage

Another great experience that you can have with your partner for Valentine’s Day is a couples massage. This involves two massage therapists massaging both you and your partner while you’re in the same room. You can choose to get the same type of massage or opt for different treatments.

Typically, these massages last 30 to 60 minutes and cost upwards of $200 for both therapists. If you want to enjoy a date night after your massages, stay away from a deep tissue or Swedish massage, which can often leave you sore and uncomfortable for a few hours.

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