Ease Hot Flashes Naturally with These Tips

Practice deep breathing

Another way to help minimize the effect of a hot flash while it’s occurring and help prevent future hot flashes is to regularly practice deep breathing. A common way to do this is through meditation, which puts an active focus on the breath in order to move away from discomforts like elevated temperatures and rapid heartbeat. It can also help our sympathetic nervous system from kicking our body into the fight or flight response, which will help keep us calm and cool. There are some great apps out there that can help introduce you to the concept of deep breathing or meditation, including Headspace, as well as some great YouTube videos that will walk you through a brief introduction to meditation.

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Practice yoga and stay active

If you’re having hot flashes as a response to menopause, it’s tempting to stay at home until the discomfort passes. However, one of the best things you can do for your body is to continue to maintain your normal exercise routine, including exercises that strengthen both body and mind like yoga and tai chi. If you’re not sleeping well because your hot flashes wake you up at night, aim to get outside and enjoy the sun for at least 40 minutes every day — it will help keep your circadian rhythms in check and ensure you sleep better at night. Yoga is great particularly because it encourages you to release stress, which will help improve your transition into menopause.

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Dress in layers to keep your core body temperature cool

Another way that you can help your body avoid hot flashes is to do as much as possible to keep your core body temperature regulated. This is more difficult to do in summer, but you can definitely influence the frequency and intensity of hot flashes by keeping your core body temperature as cool as possible. Dress in layers no matter the weather, in case you need to take something off, and use cool drinks, fans, and cold compresses to bring your body heat down, even during a hot flash. When you go to bed, err on the side of using blankets rather than pajamas to keep warm, so you can push them off with ease if you get too hot during the night. Look for clothing and textiles made of all-natural fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton.

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