Ease Hot Flashes Naturally with These Tips

If you’ve ever experienced a hot flash, you probably remember intimately the first time that it happened to you. The sudden feeling of heat, and warmth that pass through your body and make your face feel as if it’s beet red, followed by a chill after the flash passes. Hot flashes can also make your heart beat rapidly, and can bring on intense perspiration as your body struggles to process the sudden burst of heat.

Hot flashes are typically considered a female issue, although that’s not actually accurate. Both men and women are vulnerable to hot flashes. They’re most commonly associated with menopause, but they are common among heavy smokers, as well as people that are chronically obese. One unusual statistic is that African-American women are the group who report the most frequent hot flashes, followed by women of European descent, and then finally Japanese and Chinese women, who typically have them infrequently.

If you suffer from regular hot flashes, it can be an embarrassing and unpleasant experience. Here are some ways to ease hot flashes naturally.

Avoid caffeine

Although caffeine may seem like one of life’s necessities, it acts as a stimulant to our sympathetic nervous system, which can bring on a hot flash if we’re in the middle of a, particularly hormonal period. Studies have shown a positive correlation between hot flashes and caffeine intake. If you want to limit your caffeine intake to see whether it will help with your hot flashes, a good way to start is by switching from coffee to herbal tea every morning. You’ll still have your morning ritual, you’ll just be replacing the beverage with something less caffeine-heavy. Also, you should definitely stay away from Red Bull and other energy drinks, which contain a shocking amount of caffeine.

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Experiment with natural sources of estrogen

If you’re troubled by hot flashes on a regular basis, one treatment that your doctor may suggest is estrogen therapy, which involves you taking a small dose of synthetically produced estrogen to replace the hormones no longer being produced by your body. A lot of women choose to avoid taking synthetically produced estrogen by upping their intake of soy products, which contain estrogen-like compounds which can help alleviate some hot flashes. Researchers posit that this is why Asian women are much less likely to suffer from hot flashes — their society as a whole eats a lot more soy products than the average American or European woman.

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